Friday, 7 July 2017

Who Inspires Me

There are many women who inspire me, from politicians, actresses, writers to artists. I am always in awe of women who stand-up for what they believe in, and use their power for good. But if I had to pick one women who inspires me everyday to be a kind and better person, however cliched it may sound, it would have to be my mother.
My mum is a kind and warm person. She is both a mother and a best friend. She can be serious, and be there for me when I need her, but she can also be just like a teenager when she wants to be.
She has worked extremely hard for us all her life. In a car factory, and while she may like the people she works with, its a far cry from the archaeology degree she obtained. When I was little, I didn't understand it. When people's parents used to pick them up from school, and my nanny came, I was jealous. I wanted my Mum to be there, and I didn't understand why. As I got older, I grew to understand why she didn't pick me up from school, and I saw how much she herself didn't enjoy not being able to. I am now thankful that she has worked, and continues to work so hard. It has provided me with opportunities, such as going to Africa, to university, and to New Zealand that I wouldn't have had otherwise. It has provided me with nice things and a warm roof over my head, and most importantly, it has provided me with medical treatment when I needed it.
That need for medical treatment is also the reason why I admire her the most. She gave me her acceptance and help when I needed. When I was sick, she watched and she tried everything she could to help. Of course, it wasn't something she could make go away, but I know that if she could have taken the battle for me, she would have. One time, I remember sitting in a cafe with my Mum, and she became visibly upset. She thought that my illness was her fault, that she hadn't seen it and recognised it when she should have. It was then that I saw how strong she had been pretending to be for me. How worried she was for me, and how much she loved me. Of course it wasn't her fault. She picked me up off the ground everytime she found me there. She wiped my tears away and brought me tea and talked with me. She even sat with me and painstakingly helped me revise for my GCSEs at a time when I was barely in the same room mentally. She drove me every week twenty minutes to a therapist, and she helped me crawl into the car when I was done. She was by my side every step of the way, and I know that I wouldn't be here today writing this, as the person I am, without her love and compassion. And her insistence to never leave my side, even when I wanted her to.
It's only as I've grown older, and watched my sister grow into a teenager, that I've realised how much mothers deal with when raising their children. There's the constant worry for their safety and wellbeing, the drive to see them succeed, and of course the love and sacrifice they give. As the days go by, I grow to appreciate and love both my parents more and more. Even when my mother worked all week, she still made time to bake me the best rocky road, or make the best raffle prize (a stuffed bear, named and dressed in his own little school uniform) to take to my school. She even drove all the way into town, when heavily pregnant with my sister, to buy me Jewish baked goods for my R.E. class.
That is why my Mum is the women who inspires me the most. She may not have run a marathon, been Prime Minister, or been to the moon, but she has selflessly cared for me and been there for me at my worst. She's been there for all my family really, cared for us, laughed with us and cried with us. She gives ridiculous amounts of money to charity, forever offers up our small home as a sanctuary to my friends and bakes them cakes. She may eat all my Christmas chocolates, have silly addictions to magnums and love to drag us around stately homes (not to mention her obsession with The Waltons), but I wouldn't have her any other way, and when I grow up, I hope that I am half the mother she is.

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