Monday, 10 July 2017

Female Politicians Who Inspire Me

When it comes to the politicians of our world, the majority of them are male, and the majority of the team behind them are also male. Yet scattered within this sea of male powerhouses, and appearing in ever increasing numbers, are a wave of female leaders striving to make a difference.

Aung San Suu Kyi- Held as a political prisoner for over 15 years, Aung is a smbol of democracy in her home country of Myanmar and across the wider world. She is the first women in Mynmar to hold a variety of Ministerial positions, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

Michelle Obama- Michelle Obama, the first African-American First Lady of the United States of America, wrote her Undergraduate thesis on the extent to whice Princeton graduates of African-American descent chose to identify with their own race. The more I see and learn of Michelle Obama the more I come to admire her as a woman of intelligence, passion and integrity. It is not just that Michelle is a highly intelligent woman, who uses her position of power for good that I admire, I also admire the warmth with which she constructed and carried out her campaigns. She always higlights the importance of health, happiness and family, whilst still showing herself to be a powerful women. She portrays qualities that I wish to poseess throughout my life, and take with me to my place of work and my home.

Hillary Clinton-  Hillary Clinton, in her recent attempt to become the first female President of the United States, set a new wave of feminism in motion. Her hard work and perserverance inspired a new generation of women that they could become anything they wanted to be, that they too could try to break the "glass ceiling".

Nicola Sturgeon- Nicola became First Minister of Scotland in 2014, and since then she has been raising the profile and power of the SNP. As the only women to hold the position of First Minister and leader of the SNP she has battled with her party to get them to an almost majority within the Scottish Government. Nicola who has been ranked by Forbes as the 50th most powerful women in the world, and second in the United Kingdom, is certainly one of the politician to watch in 2017.

Loretta Lynch- The first African-American women, and second African-American to be appointed Attorney General of the United States of America, Lynch has a long history of helping perceived Civil Rights injustices. Loretta has paved the way not just for women in politics but also for women of African-American descent in a country where people are still judged on the colour of their skin.

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