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I've always loved eating out. From the opportunity to try delicious food and treats that I wouldn't normally cook up myself to the beautiful interiors of the restaurants, I love it all. As a student into her last term of the year, it's a luxury I very rarely get to experience at the moment. However, recently the lovely people over at Jamie's Italian in York invited me down to try out their new "Super Lunchtime" Specials Menu. Being knee-deep in revision at the moment, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a much needed break.

I'd heard a lot about Jamie's Italian from my friends. My housemate loves this restaurant and was extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity to return. My boyfriend had been slightly more negative about his trip to the York branch with his mother last year. I, myself, had only experienced Jamie's once, whilst at a wedding reception of the dad of said Jamie's fan mentioned above. I'd tasted their pizzas, and a few appetisers, which had all been delicious, so I was more than excited to experience Jamie's for the second time.

Jamie's Italian in York is tucked away down a cute little alleyway, located next to Lendal Cellars. The back from the street location makes for a more private dining experience, with small tabled located outside and large glass windows gazing out into the small courtyard. Like the majority of Jamie's branches, the interior was industrial chic, and we were quickly seated in our desirede table, eagerly anticipating our meal to come.

Jamie's new "Super Lunch" menu is great value for money, with two courses coming in at just £10.95, and three for £12.95. The times of Mon-Fri 12-6pm are also great, as it means you can just about squeeze in an early dinner after work, or in my case after a long day in the library. Featuring some popular classics, such as the Bolognese, Italian Steak and the delectable brownie, the menu offers a wide range to choose from, and both my housemates and I were impressed by the range of choice.

Whilst deciding what to order, and generally nattering about our days so far, another housemate and I decided to order the Mango mocktails, and an appetiser of Italian Nachos to share. I feel like the mocktails at Jamie's Italian, which are refreshingly delightful, are highly underrated. With a wide variety on offer, and a perfect non-alcoholic alternative for lunchtime and those of us who are designated driver, I would highly recommend you check them out! The Italian Nachos are also another item I would highly recommend; deep fried ravioli layered with cheese and a spicy salsa - I could happily snack on these all day and have them as a main too!

I opted for the two course deal of "Gennaro's Chicken Club" followed by the "Epic Brownie". Upon arrival of my main course I was pleasantly surprised that it came with deliciously thick-cut chips, seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs, which were an added bonus that hadn't been mentioned on the menu. The chicken was tender and moist, and the crispy skin just right. While enjoyable, however, I would say that the description on the menu does not quite match what I received. Although all the ingredients were there, and they were all delicious, I wouldn't say it was a club, but more akin to a posh burger.

The "Epic Brownie", on the other hand, certainly lived up to its name and description. Warm, fudgy with deliciously sweet caramel ice cream, it was the perfect end to my meal. I only wish Jamie's did a take out version of this bad boy!

My housemate Hannah also ordered the "Epic Brownie", which while the ice cream was slightly too sweet for her, she still thoroughly enjoyed. For her main she opted for the Bolognese, which came as a huge portion for her to tackle! I great cook herself, Hannah was slightly disappointed with the overall flavour of the dish, wishing for a more meaty flavour to accompany the overwhelming flavour of tomatoes.

Last, but not least, seasoned Jamie's visitor and fan, was my other housemate Lucy. An experienced diner at the establishment, Lucy opted for the "Italian Steak and Fries" followed by the "Orange Blossom Polenta Cake". Although not asked how she would like her steak, we are not sure whether this is customary at Jamie's or not, Lucy couldn't help but make yummy noises as she cut into her tender chargrilled steak. Draped in garlic herb butter and served with a side of skinny fries, Lucy was fully satisfied with her meal, repeatedly uttering how delicious her steak had been! To follow she had the "Orange Blossom Polenta Cake" which I must say was by far the prettiest dish of the day. Vibrant and fresh, the dessert made for the perfect ending to her already enjoyable meal.

The atmosphere on a Wednesday lunchtime was pleasant and fairly busy. Whilst the service was again pleasant, I wouldn't say that it had been one hundred percent, with it taking slightly longer than expected for our cocktails to arrive.

Nevertheless, for an all round enjoyable experience, and good value for money I would highly recommend Jamie's "Super Lunch" menu. However, some dishes were clearly more of a hit than the others. I would highly recommend the "Steak and Fries" along with the "Epic Brownie" and "Polenta Cake". I would also recommend the "Chicken Club", as long as you are happy to receive what is essentially a burger, as despite the misleading description it was nevertheless tasty.

I would like to thank Jamie's again for inviting me along, my housemates and I had an enjoyable afternoon.

*Invited to review by Jamie's Italian and meal in part payed for by the restaurant.
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