Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Playlist

Usually this time of year is all about the festive classic, I'm talking Buble, Wham!, and a certain Miss Carey. But a good friend of mine (who's a music blogger over on Forte Bear if you fancy checking him out) said to me that a good Christmas playlist has got to feature the party classics too. He was right, and that is why this year's Christmas playlist will feature both some festive classics and something a little bit more Pop Party.

1. Let It Snow- Michael Buble Starting off with a classic, no Christmas playlist is complete without a little of the Bubester.
2. Respect- Aretha Franklin A true classic, and a great sing-along, no Butler party is complete without a little bit of Aretha.
3. Stay Another Day- East 17 Oh East 17 and your ridiculous coats, oh how I've missed you...
4. Single Ladies- Beyonce No party is complete without this little dancing number.
5.  White Christmas- Bing Crosby Every year me and my Mum sit and watch White Christmas with a box of Roses, so no Christmas playlist, for me, would be complete without it.
6. Hey Ya- Outkast Seeing my Mum dance to this is hilarious, so it needs to be on the list!
7. All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey If at least one of your guests, or your family, doesn't attempt to reach the high note, then is it really a Christmas party?
8. Gaudete- ANUNA A more traditional Christmas classic, this one is from my Middle School days, when we used to perform it in Church, and my GCSE Latin days of course! (have no idea what it means now though...)
9. Tiger Feet- Mud This one is one for my Mum, she always gets so happy when you play this song, its really very sweet.
10. God Rest Ye Very Gentlemen- Hozier This cover is just etherial, truly gorgeous.
11. I Love To Boogie- T. Rex Another boogying classic.
12. Wannabe- Spice Girls Because, you know, friendship never ends...
13. Last Christmas- Wham! Sing it George!
14. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday- Wizzard The opening line 'It's Christmas' always gets me so excited, even if its only the 1st December.
15. You Give Love A Bad Name- Bon Jovi This song in my list is one for the Dads out there cue bad air guitar.
16. Blue Christmas- Elvis Presley Another one for the Dads and Grandads out there, or anyone else who loves Elvis's dulcet tones.
17. Rolling In The Deep- Adele This is one of my favourite songs to sing on karaoke, as my Dad, sister, and I all blast it out at the top of our lungs.
18. Jenny From The Block- Jennifer Lopez This song is one for me and my girlfriends, a childhood classic that brings back good memories.
19. Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy- Pentatonic When in middle school we used to always sing Winter Wonderland at the Christmas assembly, this contemporary version is more upbeat and great for a party to get people talking!
20. 12 Days of Christmas Another song from my school days, we used to sing this on the last day of sixth form. We split up into two halves, odd and even, and whenever it was our number we had to stand up. Of course all the upper sixth were in fancy dress and drunk, so hilarities usually ensued!

So that's it, twenty songs which make up my perfect Christmas playlist! I'd love to know your favourite Christmas songs too! Let me know in the comments below.

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