Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve Traditions

It's official, Christmas Eve is finally here, and you can feel the excitement in the air. For me, Christmas Eve is all about snuggling up in comfy clothes, pampering yourself in preparation for Christmas Day, and playing lots of games with the family.

As its the last day in my '12 Days of Christmas' series, I thought what better way to finish it off than to share with you my Christmas Eve traditions!

Fun 'n' Games...

Christmas Eve is a family day for me, and hours are usually spent arguing over what constitutes an 'official' word in the English Dictionary. From Scrabble, to Articulate, to Dominos, the Butlers always spend hours together playing (and arguing), whilst listening to some sort of 'Top of 2015' playlist, and it couldn't make me happier.

Pamper Time...

In the evening I always like to do a little pampering in preparation for the big day (that's Christmas btw, not my wedding). Running a bubble bath, and kicking back with a magazine is the perfect thing for me, as I don't often get time for a relaxing bath in the run up to Christmas. Due to having to read excessive amounts every week for my degree, I enjoy reading something a bit lighter, and for pleasure, and magazines are always my go to during the holidays. After my bath I like to lay out my clothes (and more importantly, my festive red lipstick) for the morning, and paint my nails an appropriately festive colour (for me that means Essie's Summit of Style). Then its time to put on my new Christmas Eve pyjamas and snuggle up for an early nights sleep in order to try and catch Santa in the act!

I hope you guys have all enjoyed my '12 Days of Christmas' series, because I certainly enjoyed making/writing it! Merry Christmas to every last, lovely, one of you, and I'll see you all in the New Year x

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