Monday, 26 October 2015

DISCOVER LEEDS|| Corn Exchange

Leeds Corn Exchange is a beautiful Victorian building filled with deliciously unique shops ranging from cafes and food shops, to vintage shops, to a camera store. Whenever I'm in Leeds, you can be sure to find me hot-footing my way over to the Corn Exchange, not only to marvel at the building itself, but to try and find some individual gifts and treats.

On my most recent trip to Leeds I took my camera along, and thought I may as well show you some of my favourite shops within the exchange, as these shops really are a blogger/Instagramers dream!

The Village Bookstore

For all those lovers of the arts, things slightly odd, and most certainly to get people talking, then I suggest you head to The Village Bookstore. Filled to the brim with beautiful books all about art, photography, fashion, architecture, magazines, and everything creative in-between, The Village Bookstore has a mixture of both local and international artists and publishers to feast your eyes upon. The staff are helpful, and everything is displayed on industrial shelves and ladders which not only attracts the eye in, but really makes the fantastic artwork and imagery on the books and magazines stand out. There's even a cosy looking leather sofa to sit down on as you absorb everything. Now if only I could remember the local artist featured in the store that I really loved....

WY Cameras

Here's one for all you blogger and camera enthusiast out there. Lenses, old fashioned cameras, modern cameras, books about photography, books about being the wife of a photographer, you name it, they've probably got it. WY Cameras also buy cameras, and offer repair and cleaning services. What I found great about this shop is that it also advertised great opportunities to get stuck into the photography world at Leeds, something I'd recommend to anyone who lives near by.

As some one who is in dire need of a new camera this shop was the perfect opportunity to drool over items that would not only burn a hole in, but totally obliterate my student loan, but a girl can dream right?

Mad Elizabeth

Somewhat resembling Aladdin's cave, Mad Elizabeth is one of many fashion and vintage stores located in the Corn Exchange. With racks and racks of sequin party dresses, patterned shirts, slogan jumpers and so many turquoise and silver rings I had to resist from buying them all, Mad Elizabeth is truly a treasure trove of wonderful goodness.

So next time you're in the Corn Exchange, get your butt down to the Corn Exchange for a few hours of exploring and trying to resist not buying everything you see, double bass, I'm coming for yah...



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