Saturday, 26 September 2015

September Playlist

This months playlist features a guest writer in the shape of my boyfriend, Jasper, who writes a film review blog over at Average Bassist. We have very different tastes in music, so I thought it'd be fun to ask him to write this months playlist to give you guys a different taste of genres.

1. Jack Ü feat. 2 Chainz– Febreze – while the combination of Skrillex and Diplo may be better known for “Where Are Ü Now?” (Their much more low key collaboration with Justin Bieber), they have plenty of other music to choose from. This crunching dubstep number recalls the hits from 2011 and 2012 that pushed Skrillex into the mainstream with its heavy wobbling bassline, while the verses from Georgia rapper 2 Chainz feature some of the most hilarious lines of the year (‘You ain’t from Kingston/you are Jafakin’ being my personal favourite).
2. Zedd feat. TroyeSivan – Papercut – the combination of Dutch EDM producer Zedd and Australian YouTuber/singer Troye Sivan may seem strange, but this single off the former’s latest album True Colours is an enjoyable toe-tapper that wisely refrains from an overwhelming drop, as so many big room tracks are wont to do nowadays. Sivan’s understated vocals flow nicely over a catchy piano riff. One that can be used to listen to whilst falling asleep, studying, or working out.
3. Nothing But Thieves –Itch – this angsty alt-rock song has been heavily recommended by Radio 1 much like Wolf Alice and even if you don’t like it, I put it here more as a recommendation of the band as their output is surprisingly diverse. It may surprise and delight listeners to realise that the vocalist is in fact male, and he gives the verses a genuinely eerie feel before the bombastic chorus (sure to be a festival favourite) hits.
4. Hot 8 Brass Band –Sexual Healing – this rollicking cover of Marvin Gaye’s ode to needing instant sexual gratification upon the slightest feeling of randiness turns the seductive slow jam into a brass ensemble number which starts as a toe tapper and a finger clicker before transforming into a hand clapping foot stomper which will have you belting the lyrics along to the trumpets (<- god that was a long sentence). It is simply pure, unbridled musical joy which is good for the soul. Definitely NOT to be listened to when trying to sleep, as I did and it left my heart beating out of my chest with excitement.

5. Justin Bieber – WhatDo You Mean? – it was when I stopped caring about Justin Bieber’s private life (give a teenager untold riches and attention and see what happens – why are we surprised?) that I started recently listening to his music at face value. I’m still not a fan of his earliest stuff, but his more recent music has its moments, and this, his first single since a hiatus of roughly a year and a half, barring his collaboration with Jack Ü, is an enjoyable slice of electro pop that many put-upon boyfriends the World over will be able to identify with. Given the burgeoning population of Kygo and other purveyors of tropical house, the light bouncy tone of this song gives it a great balance between bearing its influence on its sleeve and having its own individuality at the same time.

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