Thursday, 24 September 2015


Those of you who are intuitive out there may have noticed that Hope's Gone has undergone a bit of a make over. In fact, Hope's Gone is no more, its been renamed! So without further ado I introduce you to Barefoot Bravery, my newly re-designed, newly re-named blog!!

I've been wanting to re-name my blog for a while now, for many reasons, but had been struggling to think of a memorable name that I really loved. I wanted something meaningful, something that embodied the blog that I wanted to aim for.

I knew I wanted bravery in the title. Its a word that I had never associated with myself before, until one day when both my boyfriend and my Mum called me brave. They told me that I overcame my fears everyday, with social anxiety I find everyday situations difficult, but I still go out there, and they said that that, in its own right, was brave. That go me thinking, what if I could create some sort of community, some sort of network or support system for those who are brave, or those are attempting to do something brave, maybe for the first time. And so Barefoot Bravery was born, with the aim to feature a monthly segment either featuring someone exceptionally brave, talking about myself overcoming my own fears, or helping someone be brave themselves.

I wanted my new design to look simple, yet professional, and with some wonderful help from Pipdig and their beautiful templates this was easily and pretty cheaply achieved. With some quick updating and my own domain name I'm feeling much happier with my blog now, which has helped re-motivate me with some new ideas, so hopefully my blog can keep growing and growing, and I can continue with a hobby I love, and reach out to more and more people as I go.

P.S. And the barefoot bit? Well I just liked how it sounded....


  1. love the redesign, the whole thing looks fab!! :)

  2. Gorgeous design and ideas xx

    Hannah xx


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