Monday, 28 September 2015


As many of you guys know I've been living in York for over a year now, which I love. York is such a historic and beautiful city full of great pubs, shops and restaurants. I thought that I would start a new series, alongside my YORK TEA AND CAKE GUIDE, to showcase some of my favourite, unique,  shops and places around York.

First up is the one-off record come book shop The Inkwell, which is a haven for all you vinyl and LP lovers out there. Nestled away down Gillygate, a street located just outside the walls of York, which sits in between York St. John's and York Art Gallery.

On entering Inkwell, you will be greeted by whatever  soul, jazz, or rock record the owners have chosen to play on their record player situated at the back of the store. Wooden crates are filled with vinyls and LPs, with smaller crates housing CDs and tapes. Adorning shelves are an eclectic mix of books, ranging from American History, Famous Art Movements, Photography and Comics. Books are also played on old fashioned school tables and benches which lay in the middle of the room.

One of my favourite things about Inkwell however has to be located on the piano along the right hand wall. CD's and clipboards depict local bands and their genre, allowing you to discover new and exciting sounds whilst supporting your local community!

Whether you are on the look out for a unique gift, some new music, or an interesting read, Inkwell is the place for you, and I could not recommend it enough, so if you're ever in York, then go check it out!



  1. Aw! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

  2. Ooo love a little quirky record shop like this, so cute!

    1. It really is great for finding new and local music! H x


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