Tuesday, 25 August 2015

TRAVEL|| Nova Scotia

I'm lucky enough to have an Uncle who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, which means that every couple of years we head across the Atlantic for a big ol' family reunion. Nova Scotia is a beautiful area to visit, with large open spaces, an expansive coastline, and a hell of a lot of trees!

After visiting Nova Scotia for around the third time, I thought I would throw together a little photo diary embodying some of the most beautiful places I saw whilst on my holidays.

The first eight photos featured show the little area of Peggy's Cove, where people come to see the rocks and lighthouse that used to bean actual post office! There's a little restaurant and a couple of shops, but the thing that really draws people to Peggy's Cove is the view, which as you can see from the picture above is pretty spectacular, especially on a beautiful sunny day!

The last few photos feature the fishing town of Lunenburg, with its gorgeous rows of coloured houses, quaint shops, and beautiful coastal views. Lunenburg has a tonne of delicious places to eat (and thats not even including the ice cream and fudge shops), an interesting fishing museum, horse and carriage rides, and a vast array of other activities and amusements to keep tourists busy. But what I love most about Lunenburg is that is that it is still very much a lived in town, not a tourist attraction, with rows of residential houses interspersed between dentists and opticians. A lot of the houses also have plaques on them explaining who once lived in the house, or which captain built it, which helps to truly demonstrate how steeped in history the town really is.

I couldn't write a post on Nova Scotia without mentioning the city of Halifax, where the Nova Scotian Art Gallery is situated, along with the old fort and a bustling dock area. If you're ever in Nova Scotia then I also highly recommend a visit to the city of Halifax, you never know, you might even manage to bag yourself a sailor!

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