Saturday, 1 August 2015

August Playlist

1. River- Ibeyi Ibeyi are a duo made up of twenty year old twins Lisa and Naomi. Being of French-Cuban birth, but pulling inspiration from their Nigerian ancestry and late fathers cuban percussion, their music is unique and original. I first heard them perform this song, River, live at Glastonbury, and I was hooked, bought the album next day, and listened to it on repeat. I love the somewhat tribal and yet electronic feel their music has, and look forward to seeing whats to come after the release of their debut album, Ibeyi.
2. Black Skinhead- Kanye I may get more than a few dislikes for this one, but whether you love him or hate him, this controversial star sure knows how to make the perfect workout music. I'm pretty sure that's not his intention when producing, but after recently becoming exercise mad, I have found that this song has the perfect beat to do jumping obliques to (who would have thought that I would ever even know where my obliques are, never mind know how to tone them...)
3. Hounds of Love- The Futureheads A song that reminds me of my tween years, this version of Hounds of Love was one that was often played on my journeys to school, both by my Dad and the person we lift-shared with. This song is just perfect to dance to, so get up and get your air-guitar jive on!!
4. Green, Green Rocky Road- Oscar Isaac I was having a bad week, I was lonely and sad and had been crying myself to sleep. Then one day whilst tidying the kitchen (whilst simultaneously crying) I decided to open up my iTunes and via family sharing check out if my Dad or sister had bought any albums that could cheer me up, as all my music was associated with specific memories I didn't want to think about. And an album my Dad bought "Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davies" featured this song by one of the cast members. At first I just ignored it and carried on with my jobs, but as the song progressed I found myself perking up, just relaxing and letting a feeling of calm wash over me, and all I have to say is thanks Dad for buying this album and introducing me to this song.
5. Skin- Charlie Dancer It always amazes me when you see people you knew when you when you were younger doing amazing things, like becoming an MP, or a successful lawyer, when to you they were just that quiet guy at the back of chemistry, or the popular girl who got all the days. I'm not yet 20, so friends I went to school with aren't quite becoming MPs yet, but one guy I went to school with has recently been doing some amazing things in terms of music. I just can't see how he manages to tour, write and record music, and have time to work, when I can barely keep up with my degree alone! But his talent and dedication is sure paying off, and I thought it was about time I featured him on one of my monthly playlists. Charlie's track Skins has a somewhat folky, singer songwriter vibe and with a soft tranquil melody that creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed summer day or cozy evening in.


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