Thursday, 18 June 2015


Now that my first year of Uni has finally ended I find myself confused and ever so slightly scared. It's hard to believe how quickly the year has gone, and how much things have changed, including myself. Life seems to have be on hyper speed, but now that the long summer holiday has rolled in it seems to have come to a sudden stop. 

I haven't liked summer holidays for the past four years. I feel lonely, and sad, and the mere thought of the three months that lie ahead of me sends me into a dizzying panic. I am trying to be productive, fill my days so they fly by, but with parents at work, a sister at school, and a boyfriend in London, my days are often spent alone, reading books or doing yoga for hours on end. I know loads of people who can't wait for the summer months, but for me work has always been a useful way to fill my days, I've even started revising for next year, and my summer holiday only effectively started on Monday. 

Free time means I think, and thinking is a dangerous occupation. When you start to think about everything that you've done wrong, everything you should have done, everything you could have been doing now if you had made the right choices, reality starts to blur. I start to not want to go out, and not do anything, which just makes the days drag on longer.

I would love any advice that anyone could give me on curbing boredom and getting through the long summer months, I could really use it! 


  1. Here's some advice, come and visit me while I'm working away at my internship! Molly is going to come down for a weekend to see the new house, so you better be there or be square!
    Lucy xx

    1. Well when you decide on a date maybe I will have to pay a visit! It'd be like a mini little holiday, and an excuse to stay in the new house! H xx

  2. Congrats on finishing the year!


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