Sunday, 7 June 2015

June Playlist

For those of you out there who have been avid readers of my blog for a while now will already know, I used to do a weekly playlist, featuring around five songs that I was currently loving. But I'm the kind of gal who likes to really emerse herself in the music, and take the time out to just sit and listen, which  my current Uni work and need to find a job leaves little time for. That having been said I've decided to bring back my playlist posts, but just on a monthly basis, so I give you my summery June playlist!.

1. Lions in Cages- Wolfgang I've decided to go with a bit of a summery playlist, and for some reason this song just makes me think of summer and running through fields, even if the video doesnt look entirely summery...
2. Alright- Supergrass Nothing quite says summer and letting your hair down like this tune, and the beach setting for the video is decidely more summery than Wolfgangs video too!
3. Master Pretender- First Aid Kit The First Aid Kit gals have a pair of beautiful voices, and this song is perfect for those lazy long summer evenings, I can just picture them now whilst listening to this!
4. Nitrous- Nick Mulvey Another one of those lazy day theme tunes, with its folky vibes and mellow tones, Nick Mulvey's Nitrous is gorgeous. In fact I would highly recommend all of Nick Mulvey's "First Mind" album, it is just beautiful
5. Open Road- Roo Panes A song that makes me both cry, laugh and sing pretty much simultaneously, "Open Road" is the perfect song, well, for a summer road trip, as the title kinda indicates I guess.

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