Tuesday, 5 May 2015


During my second term at University my work load almost doubled, which meant most of my days were spent cooped up somewhere reading, alone, with little human interaction, other than when I looked out the window. It also meant I had less time to bake, and less time to socialise, particularly with my boyfriend, who I was feeling I only ever saw in lectures or drunk. So we came up with a plan. "Tea and Cake Friday". Every Friday, after our lectures and seminars had finished for the week, we'd take the afternoon off, venture into town, and try out one of York's many individual cafes and coffee shops. It occured to me after our second tea and cake adventure, that whilst we were trying out all these delicious cakes, pancakes and hot chocolates, I was missing the perfect blogging opportunity! And so here it is, Hopes Gone's guide to the best of York's cafes and coffee houses.

Cabra Verde is just down from the post office and opposite York's Museum Gardens. With deep purple walls and a long galley shape, Cabra Verde is small but perfectly formed. The most inviting element has to be the wooden board of cakes you can see through the window, and that is situated on your right as you enter. On this particular afternoon, Cabra Verde was quiet, with just one other couple drinking coffee and buying cake throughout our time there. Reasonably priced, the lemon cake was delicious, and decorated with white chocolate flakes (which in my opinion make everyhting taste better). The hot chocolate wasn't the best I've tasted, but far surpassed anything I could've made at home myself. The boyfriend had a beef and horseradish sandwhich (he isn't really the cake addict like me), which from the mumbles I got between mouthfuls he seemingly enjoyed. The only negatives was the slight peeling of paint on the wall behind me, scuffed from chairs repeatedly hitting it, and the curt, yet still polite manner of the server behind the counter (I'm a gal who likes a good natter with staff). That having been said, Cabra Verde provided a relaxing and quiet afternoon, and the plethora of cakes on offer, combined with their salad and tapas bar presents something for everyone, sweet-toothed and savoury loving alike.

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