Friday, 10 April 2015

Inspirational Bloggers: Anna Swabey

One of the most amazing things about being in the blogging sphere, and sometimes the thing that is overlooked, is the people and blogs you discover. Recently I came across such a blog, by a young 23 year old called Anna Swabey.

In January 2015, Anna Swabey was diagnosed with a terminal Grade 3 brain tumour, and her blog Anna Swabey: Inside My Head not only follows her treatment journey, but also raises awareness about brain tumours. This incredible blog is not only imformative and heartfelt, but the gratitude that Anna feels towards her family and friends and family, along with her determination to leave her mark is amazing.

Not only is Anna writing this blog, but she is also organising a charity ball for the Brain Tumour Research Campaign (BTRC),a charity that was set up in order to raise awareness of the need for more research into brain tumours.

If any of you would like to learn more about Anna, and her fundraising, then head over to her blog, facebook page or the BTRC website, I have popped all the links down below.

Anna's Blog: Anna Swabey: Inside My Head
Anna's Just Giving Page
Brain Tumour Research Campaign Website
Anna's Facebook
Anna's Twitter: @braintumourblog

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  1. Hi Hope, I have only just come across your blog and this ridiculously kind post!
    I am so touched and I thank you for taking the time to read my blog in the first place, let alone to take even more time to write this ��.
    I think you need to teach me how to make my blog look as pretty as yours...I love it!!
    All my love and thanks,
    Anna xxxx


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