Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tiny Tea Detox

Recently I have been feeling really tired, a bit sluggish, and incredibly self-concious, to the point where I tried on about 5 outfits until I resorted to a baggy jumper and jeans in order to hide my bloated belly. The combination of being rather poorly, looming exams and the murky Spring weather had left me feeling down, and in desperate need of a little shake up.

I'd been considering doing some kind of detox for a while, and had read a lot about various ways to eat healthy, exercise and generally just feel better about yourself. But with the amount of caffine I was consuming via my daily cups of tea, along with the numerous cups of coffee I was drinking to stay awake, I was still feeling sluggish, stressed and bloated.

Tea toxes have been flying all over the internet, and I thought substituting my normal caffine fuelled drinks with a detoxing tea would be the perfect start to a healthier me. Originally I was planning on buying Bootea as I'd seen it everywhere and it was easily accesible due to it being sold in Holland and Barrett, but the whole concept of a 'Night Tea' which sounded a lot like a laxative wasn't for me. Then, whilst scrolling through The Little Magpie's snap envy Instagram account I saw her using a product called Your Tea, which was a company specialising in various herbal teas to help you with anything from weightloss to fertillity, happiness to sex.

I purchased the 28 day Tiny Teatox as I felt it was an all rounder sought of tea, helping with indigestion, bloating, cellulite, bad skin and energy. Taken three times a day, half an hour before each meal, this tea has made me feel so much more energetic and happy about myself. I even managed to do a bit of cardio, strength and yoga every day. The fact that you take the tea three times a day also made sure I ate three meals a day and gave my day some sort of structure. I would highly recommend this tea for anyone who wants a little bit of a detox, whether for weight loss reason, or like me, just to put that extra spring in your step.

P.S. For those busy boddies out there I highly recommend the 'Sworkit Lite' app, which allows you to do short workouts when you are pushed for time, working on various different areas from strength to cardio, pilates to yoga. I've been opting for three short 5 minute workouts a day, but the app allows up to 60 minute workouts in the various categories.


  1. I am in the EXACT SAME phase as you at the minute, I just can't stand how tired and bloated I seem to be all the time! I would so love to try to Teatox, Ive tried a juice detox before and love doing that but with my early morning and long days it just isn't really practical at the minute. Im definitely going to look into this!
    Hope you've had a great Thursday,
    Bethany x


    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!

    1. I would definitely recommend it, you can still eat healthily and normally, so its perfect for long busy days, as long as you drink it regularly before meals! And I shall pop over now and have a look H xx

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