Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Current 'Shower Time' Favourites

Since moving into University halls not only am I loving having a bathroom all to myself (long gone are the days of screaming and banging on the door in a rush to get ready on time) but I am also enjoying having a shower for the very first time.

Having a shower is so much quicker and easier than the laborious task of running a bath for half an hour and then having to wash your hair. The novelty of being able to hop into the shower, stand there for five minutes, and then hop out again hasn't quite worn off yet, and I used the excuse of finally having a shower to buy tonnes of shower gel and other such products. After a run of trial and error here are my current top five 'shower time' (I willl never tire of saying that) favourites.

1. Lush 'Flying Fox' Shower Gel A shower gel that also doubles up as a shampoo, this luxurious smelling product packs a punch as well as leaving me squeaky clean. Perfect for decanting into a smaller bottle whilst travelling, this dual usage gel has a more musky scent that I wouldn't normally go for, but which is both sweet and sophisticated (product is not on the website, but here is a similar one).
2. Clean and Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Scrub- £2.66 Usually a habitual user of Clinique's Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam, Clean and Clear's daily scrub is just something a little more refreshing I have been using about twice a week. The tiny beads within the gel help to de-clag my face and leave me feeling fresh and ready to start the day. It also smells delightful, to the point where everytime I use it my boyfriend comments on how nice I smell.
3. Cocoa Brown Gentle Self Tan- £5.99 I'm not one to usually go in for the whole fake tan look (mainly cause I'm too lazy) but this grdual moisturisor is perfect for slapping on after getting out of the shower and great if, like me, you want to take the more subtle, less maintanence route to self-tanning.
4. Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask- £10 A firm favourite, this tea tree face mask has been in my bathroom cabinent for years, but since moving to University I have been really slacking in my weekly pampering, so I restocked my cupboard with this cleansing face mask, and what can I say? My skin looks more refreshed, is less blemished, and generally this makes me a much smilier Hope. It's definitely worth the ten minutes spent looking like Shrek....
5. Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish- £5.00 Recently I've been feeling a little lack-lustrous and this amazing smelling body polish helps gently exfoliate my skin, leaving me silky soft and sparkly (ok, not actually sparkly, but its how I feel that counts).

If you have any recommendations on lovely and luxurious shower products I can use, let me know in the comments below. I must have them all!!


  1. I forgot you didn't have a shower! And I need to try that tan!
    Lucy xx

    Dinosaur Dances

    1. Haha, yeh, showerless for 18 years...and you do, tis rather good! H xx

  2. love that tea tree mask and i'll definitely have to try that shower gel!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. You definitely should, it smells divine!! H xx

  3. amazing post !!

    love your blog

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


    1. Aw thabk you Jade, I will definitely go check it out! H xx

  4. Wow, love this products. ^^
    Have a nice week...

    1. Thank you, hope your weekend was lovely too! H xx


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