Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas in York

I am lucky enough to live in two amazing citites, both in terms of historical sites, scenery and shopping. Recently I moved to York in order to study Histroy at York University, and the quaint cobbled streets and sloping buildings have certainly lured me in. I love it!

What I was most looking forward to about York was seeing it at Christmas time. I had heard that it was an amazing destination for Christmas shopping, and I couldn't wait for December to arrive, when the twinkling lights and garlands would go up, and I could truely get into the festive spirit.

What I love about York is not only the abundant amount of individual and unique shops, but also the amount of brands that have their own individual little shops, such as Jo Malone and Kiehl's, which are so often housed in larger department stores. I have always loved hopping from shop to shop, cocooned in my coat, mittens and hat, and this year sipping my York Cocoa House hot chocolate!

The cobbled streets and bustling of people, coupled with the St Nicholas Market really make it feel special, as well as making you feel as if you are in 'A Christmas Carol' (sans Tiny Tim, Scrooge and the Three Ghosts...).

I highly recommend a shopping trip to York, for a day filled with festivity, carols and the most amazing hot chocolate (I am talking about you York Cocoa House). And whilst you are there, why not check out York Minster, and all the fantastic and unique opportunities York has to offer. And if you are still stuck for the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, then check out my Afternoon Tea at Betty's Post, which would create the perfect end to your day in York!

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