Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas in Newcastle

Like I said in my previous 'Christmas in York' post, I am lucky to live in two amazing citites, the first being York, the second being Newcastle.

I have lived close to Newcastle all my life, and since I was a small child I have been going to Newcastle every year to view Fenwick window, buy presents and generally get into the festive spirit. Even at the age of 18, I still jump up and down with excitement as I look upon Fenwick window. Wandering through the beautifully decorated arcade, and the bustle and festivity of Grainger Market always remind me of my childhood, when everything seemed so much bigger and brighter.

One of the great things about Newcastle is the recent opening of beautiful luxury shops, such as Michael Kors and Hugo Boss, which provide you with the perfect opportunity to spoil your loved ones. Newcastle also has a great range of one off restuarants and cafes, such as Pink Lane Coffee, or The Sausage Emporium, which allow you to refuel and get your shoppping mojo back on.

And perhaps my highlight of shopping in Newcastle over the festive season has to be meeting Monty the Penguin in John Lewis (even if everyone was looking at me strangely as I giggled and patted him...)

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