Sunday, 17 August 2014

What I am LIstening to this Week #29

The music that our parents listen to when we are growing up often define our own music tastes. For me I have a lot of fond memories of my parents blasting out music on the stereo, either in the car, my home, or our flat in Scotland. And now a lot of the music I love to listen to is music that my parents love to listen to too. So I thought for todays playlist I would list some of the songs that shaped my childhood.

1. Adam and the Ants- Antmusic My Mum is a huge fan of glam rock, and I have great memories of my Mum doing some weird drumming dance routine around our kitchen.
2. T. Rex- Children of the Revolution According to my mother, Marc Bolan would have been my father, had he not crashed into a tree. I think this is rather wishful thinking on my Mum's half, but I have to admit, Mr Bolan made some great music. I remember this being blasted out in our little flat in Scotland and my sister, who was two at the time, running around in her baby grow, dancing.
3. Dexys Midnight Runners- Geno My Dad loves a bit of punk and on long car rides I remeber listening to the album Teenage Kicks and singing along to every song. I even learnt some history from The Strangler's- No More Heroes.
4. Aretha Franklin- Respect We love Motown in our household, and again I have great memories of dancing around the kitchen and singing at the top of our voices to Aretha Franklin (and secretly wishing I was as sassy and amaaazing as she is).
5. Jam- A Town Calle Malice Apparently when my Mum used to drive around places with me in my baby seat, she played this song, and I used to dance around in my baby seat with my toy pig, Babe. I used to do it everytime, and was quite enthusiastic, not that I remember it....


  1. Nice choice of music going to check it out. Keep up the great.


    1. Thank you, and I can't take the credit, they are my parent's favourite H xx


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