Sunday, 10 August 2014

What I am Listening to this Week #28

1. Izzy Azalea- Fancy I am not usually a fan of this type of music, but this song has made it onto this weeks playlist largely due to it's music video. Izzy has recreated scenes from the movie Clueless, with herself playing Cher, and who doesn't love a bit of Cher.
2. Pretty Reckless- Heaven Knows I really enjoy listening to rock music, and former Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen's band the 'Pretty Reckless' is back on the scene, with a new track, 'Heaven Knows'.
3. Pharrell Williams- Come Get it Bae There is just something about Mr Williams at the moment, he is everywhere, I mean literally EVERYWHERE, and yet again he has released a catchy, dance-along-to single.
4. Jack Johnson- Better Together 'Oh it's always better when we're together...' Everytime I listen to this song I imagine sitting in a hammock, sipping home made lemonade and watching the clouds float by. Jack Johnson, I love you (just thought I had to get that out there...)
5. Hudson Taylor- Chasing Rubies Raw, honest and beautiful music is often my favourite. Give me a duo and a guitar any day. Hudson Taylor are a folk/singer songwriter duo from Ireland, friends with Miss Gabriella Aplin and Lewis Watson, these guys are down to earth and just pretty amazing.


  1. I only come across Heaven Knows every so often, I don't know why, but it's a better good listen :)

  2. Jack Johnson gets me every time - Banana Pancakes is my favorite of all time!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. He is amaaazing, and that is such a good song H xx

  3. I love Fancy too! I hear it in loop ;)


  4. Lovely songs!



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