Thursday, 14 August 2014


Recently the lovely Megan from Thumbelina Lillie started a project called #ProjectBareAll with the aim of helping women be confident in their own skin, sans make-up. Bloggers up and down the UK have been taking part in this amazing project, so I too thought I would upload a make-up free selfie, and share with you what make-up means to me.

Unlike most girls in high school I was never particularly bothered with makeup. I have never suffered from Acne or bad skin (I am very lucky), and am often too lazy to put alot of make up on. However, when I reached 16, I suffered from a bout of Mental Health issues (which you can read about here). I couldn't look at myself, I wouldn't go outside, bathe or wash my hair. Then my parents began forcing me to go outside, and I would panick if I didn't have any make-up on. Make-up began to be something of a mask for me, I wasn't so bothered about how I looked, but I liked the routine of putting make-up on, the safety blanket it created when I went out. It was as if I beleived make-up could hide my illness.

Roll on two years later and I am no longer using make-up as a mask for my illness. I do wear make-up more often, mainly cause I have had a lot more break outs since I turned 18, and I have become slightly more image concious, could be something to do with the fact I have a boyfriend who is obssessed with looking at my face up close and personal.... 

I managed to go two weeks without make-up whilst Interrailing in Europe, and I can just about manage to not cringe or hide my face behind a pillow when my boyfriend looks at me in the morning. I am enjoying being more comfortable in my own skin, and wearing no make-up often means an extra 15 minutes in bed.

There will still be those days where we will all look at our selves in the mirror and only see breakouts, giant pores and dark circles, and will reach for the foundation and start covering up, but it is so important to be comfortable with who you are, in your own skin. Just remember, nobody is flawless.

So I encourage you all to take part in Megan's project, and upload a make-up free selfie to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ProjectBareAll.


  1. Great that you would do something like this! You are beautiful and definitely do not need make-up!
    Thinking about doing this #ProjectBareAll myself as well :)


    1. Thank you lovely, and I definitely reccommend it. Follow this link to read all about it from the lovely creator Megan H xx

  2. I love this project. I've only started going bare a few months ago coz a guy I like told me I look better without makeup. Ha!
    I think you look lovely on your bare skin.
    Would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thank you lovely, and I shall check out your blog now! H xx

  3. you look great! loving this project

    1. Thank you, and Megan is a genius isn't she!? H xx

  4. Such a pretty pic, dear. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa


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