Thursday, 28 August 2014

Living in the Countryside and OOTD

These past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about my future, University and what job I will get after I graduate, and most importantly where I will be living. I love my home. I love sitting on the sofa watching TV, playing Monopoly with my family and lying in my own bed.

One of the things I have never really loved about where I live, but is becoming more and more important to me with every passing day, is the countryside. I live on an old Bull farm, just up the road from a tiny village (that only has a handful of houses and a church), in the county of Northumberland. My home is surrounded by fields, with livestock usually roaming too close to home (during the Spring months the lambs often escape into our front gardens).

Growing up I always hated living on where I did, with no bus or train station close by (or that was safe to walk to on my own), I always felt isolated and trapped. My friends who lived in town could always go out to shops and cafes, catch the train or bus into Newcastle and could walk to and from school without relying on a parent for a lift.

However, now that I am looking to move away, and can drive myself around I have come to love living in the countryside again. I look out my window and appreciate how lucky I am to see green fields, woodlands and livestock. I'm lucky to be able to step out my front door and go for long walks in beautiful countryside. To stroke little piggies and lambs and see deer from my kitchen window. I have all this, plus Newcastle is just a 30 minute drive away. I am really one lucky countryside gal.

I took a litte Outfit post whilst out on my walk, of course with every farm girls favourtie accessory, a pair of Hunter Wellies.

Shoes: Hunter
Dress: H & M (similar or similar)
Jacket: Vintage
Socks: Primark (similar)
Necklace: CIAO XOXO


  1. Lovely photos, you're very lucky to have such beautiful surroundings. It's funny how we appreciate different things as we grow older.

    Ioanna |

    1. Thank you! Yeh, Iused to hate it so much and now I know I am gonna miss it haha H xx

  2. I think it is always almost the case of wanting what you don't have. I live in Sydney (the suburbs albeit) and I wish that I lived in the country with nature and all that. Lovely photos btw.

    1. Thank you! And yeh, I think because I am moving to a city I am appreciating my countryside home more H xx

  3. It looks beautiful where you live! And the pigs look so cute ;)
    Daniella x

    1. It really is, and they were cute, until they ran and tried to jump at me H xx


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