Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Interrailing Days 3-6: Berlin

Following a nine and a half hour train journey, we eventually arrived in Berlin at 5:00, well 5 of us did, two girls did not get off the train in time, and ended up doing a half an hour round trip of Berlin to get back to the main station. Exhausted from a hot and crowded train journey, where we were woken up by passport control and various other backpackers getting on and off, we made our way to our hostel in Alexandeplatz, an area near the centre of Berlin.

For anyone looking for slightly cheaper accomodation, I highly reccommend the  ONE80 hostel. A good location, stylishly fitted out and with amusing and helpful staff, I felt safe and comfortable.

Things to do in Berlin:
  • Go up the Reichstag Building (but book in advance to avoid queues)
  • Visit Checkpoint Charlie and the Jewish Museum which allow you to explore vital parts of German history as well as experience beautiful architecture.
  • Stroll along Berlin's East Side Gallery and soak up the years of seperation and protest that the wall and graffitti represent.
  • Eat the local cuisine, I recommend Currywurst, which although an acquired taste has to be tried.
We also happened to be in Berlin for the world cup final, and my friends all headed to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to watch it on the big screens, drink and soak up the atmosphere. I stayed in the hostel, as I knew I couldn't cope with the crowds, having struggled with the Dutch semi finals in Amsterdam. But what can I tell you, Berlin is certainly one football mad, party city, which on that night kind of reminded me a wee bit of Newcastle.... Berlin's the perfect city for both culture and a good night out, but I would advise googling clubs and sights you wish to go to see beforehand, to avoid aimless wondering acoross this vast city.


  1. I love interrailing! My bf and I went in 2011, Berlin was one of our last stops, really lovely city although we didn't get to spend too much time there :) I would love to go back one day!

    ~ K

    1. We didn't get enough time in Berlin either. I definitely want to go Interrailing again with my boyfriend this time, Central Europe is so romantic haha xx

  2. Berlin really is an amazing city! I loved the Jewish museum in particular! Would still love to go visit the Reichstag :)


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