Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Interrailing Days 12-14: Budapest

Our final stop on our Interrail journey was the city of Budapest, a beautiful and ordered city bustiling with restuarants, clubs and culture. Budapest is actually two cities, the city of Buda, and the city of Pest, seperated by a river.

Things to do in Budapest:
  • Visit Margaret Island, regular buses stop off along the island, which is situated in the middle of the river. With an athletic centre, water park and open air opera, Margaret Island has something for everyone, along with beautiful park lands. However, note of warning, the cafe inside the water tower is rather expensive, so not one if you are on a budget.
  • Visit Buda Castle- Buda Castle is situated up the hill, and houses numerous museums, cafes and restuarants, along with some beautiful churches. Perfect for sitting with an ice cream and looking out at the beautiful view accross the river (as seen in the pictures above)
  • Take a walk around Hero's Square and the near by parks, spa and Europe's only permamnent circus!!
  • Stroll through Pest's cultural quatre and take a look at the new, controversial Holocaust Statue, and memorial that has been built.
  • Look into the river, if you see it as blue, you are in love, and if you see it as grey? Well then you are strictly a one man/women show
  •  Go to a Hungarian bakery. Oh the cake selections.....
Phew, that ends my whislte stop tour and reccommendations from my Interrail holiday. If any of you, my lovely readers, have any holiday destination reccommendations, then I would love to know in the comments below!


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