Saturday, 9 August 2014

H&M Home Wishlist

H&M Home Wishlist
In a few months time I should be setting off for University (*cough* results pending *cough*), and this, combined with the recent interior photos and post from the lovely Kate off of gh0stparties, has sent me into an interior frenzy. I love homeware shopping at the best of times, and now that I have a semi-excuse to shop for new bedding and blankets I have been trawling the likes of Ikea, Zara Home, and in particular H&M Home for bits and bobs I may need. In my opinion H&M have been killing it recently in the interior department. So I thought I would create two little wishlists for you, one of soft furnishings, and one of decorative pieces to show you what I have been lusting after recently. I am finding it hard to justify why I would need a copper lantern, but it is just so pretty....

1. Moss Knit Blanket- £49.99
2. Linen Blanket- £39.99
3. Woven Blanket- £14.99
4. Jacquard-Weave Blanket- £24.99
5. Boucle Blanket- £24.99
6. Postcard Pillowcase- £3.99
7. Boucle Cushion Cover- £7.99
8. Cotton Cushion Cover- £3.99
9. Linen Cushion Cover- £12.99
10. Cotton Cushion Cover- £6.99
11. Grey Duvet Cover Set- £14.99

H&M Home Wishlist 2

1. Copper Lantern- £12.992. Lantern- £4.99
3. Metal Tealight Holder- £1.50
4. Glass Box- £9.99
5. Animal Candles- £1.99
5. Glass Vase- £4.99
6. Wooden Box- £12.99
7. Wooden Tray- £12.99
8. Metal Wire Basket- £7.99
9. Glass Bottle- £6.99
10. Bunny Mug- £3.99
11. Glass Jar- £5.99, Glass Jar- £1.99
12. Metal Tin- £7.99


  1. Fab wish list, shopping for homeware is so much fun! x

    The Belle Narrative

    1. So much fun, and so addictive haha!! H xx

  2. Haha that are a lot of blankets! I think the box (numberr 4) would be great for jewelry!

    1. I love blankets, and I am always cold so it is very approriate haha! And that is such a good idea!! H xx

  3. Hej there! Lovely things, the new H&M home line is really tempting! I found this photos in a realtor's ad when looking for a place in Houston and fell in love with the style of these people...check out some pictures here:
    I am looking for Indian blankets right now, do you have any ideas where I could find those?
    j e f

    1. Oooh I shall definitely check it out. And I have no idea, you could try Urban Outfitters? H xx

  4. These are all so gorgeous! Great post xx


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