Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Topshop Wishlist

Topshop Wishlist

1. MOTO Bleach Ripped Mom Shorts- £32 Denim shorts are such a summer staple, and these 'Mom Shorts' from Topshop have extra rips in them, which I love.
2. Croc Sweat by Boutique- £45 White is having a bit of a moment, and this baggy, textured white jumper would go perfect with jeans or a beautiful white lace skirt and some vans. 
3. Medium Clean Satchel- £28 I have never been a handbag kinda girl, I am strictly a rucksack, satchel person. So when little mini satchels started popping up everywhere they posed the perfect solution to my anti handbag stance when on a night out. This beautiful baby blue bag also comes in pale pink, and a gorgeous grey. It's  exceptable to own all three right...?
4. Leather Biker Mini Skirt- £40 A leather skirt is a wardrobe staple, end of.
5. Cut Out Rose Lace Skirt- £38 Words can not describe how much I love this skirt, and paired with the white croc sweat above, it makes the perfect summer outfit.
6. Scratch Print Skort- £34 This skirt has such a funky pattern and will traverse perfectly into the colder Autumn months
7.  This skirt doesn't appear to be on the website anymore, meaning it is possibly sold out, however I have seen in it my local Topshop, so it is definitely worth hunting for this perfect festival staple.
8. Sun Charm Choker- £7.50 Like the colour white, chokers are having a bit of a momnet and I love the 90s vibe of this sun charm choker.
9. Striped Daisy Organza Tee- £24 I first saw this t-shirt being worn by the beautiful Kate from gh0stparties.com and to me it just summed up the perfect holiday top. I can just imagine wearing it whilst strolling through a quaint French village eating lemon sorbet in the sunshine. 
10. TIKA2 Pearl Skaters- £20 I am usually more a Vans girls, but these baby pink skaters from Topshop are just the perfect amount of girly to add to any outfit. However, beware, these shoes are a killer to break in.
11. Olivia Burton Big Rose Gold Watch- £72 Oh Olivia Burton, how I love thee, let me count the ways. I could probably buy ten of Olivia Burtin's watches, but this white and rose gold one is definitely my favourite.
12. MOTO Rip Leigh Jeans- £38 I love these ripped jeans, and I want them in pretty much every colour, I think the white ones are my favourite, however, I could also use them in pink and blue too....and maybe even black?



  1. in love with your list, summer summer (LOL actually it's winter here LOL)

    1. Haha, I am very jealous, so much more of a winter person than a summer person!! H xx

  2. I love the baby pink skaters-they look amazing. I like the whole list it's both fancy and casual. Wish to check out my blog.


    1. Thank you lovely, and I shall definitely go check it out!! H xx


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