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EJF: Save the Sea T-Shirts

Ben Lloyd-Hughes for EJF
Caroline Ford for EJF
Diana Vickers for EJF
Kimberly Wyatt for EJF
Max Rogers for EJF
Emma Cook for EJF
Patternity for EJF
Serge DeNimes for EJF
Recently I received an email from the Environmental Justice Foundation, about their new ethical t-shirt project, 'Save the Sea' aiming to protect the 'marine environment, its biodiversity and the livelihoods dependent on it'. Having studied Biodiversity at A Level I had read all about the importance of our oceans, as a source of income, protein and culture, as well as just being beautiful.

EJF's Ocean Campaigns aims to address three core issue in our oceans, Destructive Fishing Methods, Pirate Fishing and Pirate Fishing and Human Rights, lobbying for rights in the fishing industry, sustainable fishing practices anda making oceans safe for everyone. By purchasing one of EJF's designer t-shirts you are contributing to these vital campaigns.

The 'Save the Sea' t-shirt campaign features designs from Emma Cook, Serge DeNimes (for all you 'Made in Chelsea' fans, Sege DeNimes is Proudlock's design company) and Patternity. The fair-trade, organic t-shirts with a climate neutral design chain have been modelled by celebrities such as Kimberly Wyatt, George Craig, Diana Vickers and Max Rogers.

Emma Cook states: "I'm proud to be supporting EJF's Save the Sea campaign with this design which is a snapshot of the precious ocean life that needs our urgent protection. EJF's work combating illegal pirate fishing not only helps protect vulnerable marine species like sharks but also the communities who are dependent on the oceans for food and livelihoods."

Serge DeNimes are "really excited to be able to support EJF on their Save the Sea campaign, highlighting the importance of the preservation of our world’s oceans. We wanted the bold print and slogan ‘Drop in the Ocean’ to make a statement of how important it is to protect sealife."

Patternity said of it's design: “Patternity is launching an exclusive data visualisation t-shirt as part of EJF’s Save the Sea campaign. Using pattern to translate data about the depletion of sea grass – the design highlights the devastating effects of bottom trawling on our ocean floors, marine wildlife and habitat. Patternity is committed to using pattern as a tool to help people better understand and feel connected to the world around them – driving positive social change.”

EJF's 'Save the Ocean' campaign, and the work that it does is a great and valuable cause, and for all you fashion lovers out there the bold graphic desings of Patternity and Serge DeNimes and the softer more whimsical design of Emma Cook provide the perfect t-shirts for a laid back weekend. Paired with a pair of ripped jeans and flip flops or a mini skirt and trainers these t-shirts are fit for anything from your morning errands to a lunch date with the girls. And there is the added benefit of this time, when you buy your top, instead of feeling a little guilty at spending yet more money, you'll be doing your bit for charity. So head over to EJF's shop Just For and purchase your 'Save the Sea' t-shirt, I know I will be!!



  1. Such an enlightening post and the t-shirts look great! Really interesting topic, I'll definitely be reading more in to it - thanks for sharing!

    Alessia |

    1. Thank you, they are such an interesting and great charity, and definitely worth the recognition!! H xx

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