Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dealing with Anxiety at Parties

Sometimes I feel like this blog is like my own personal diary, where I talk about recent events that have troubled me or things that I am struggling with, and today I want to talk about my troubles with anxiety at parties. I have suffered social anxiety for a few years now, and I stuggle with meeting new people, crowds and any situation that can become stressful. The problem with parties is that all three of these factors are focused in one place, and combined with alcohol things can unravel pretty quickly.

Usually if I have been drinking alcohol then I will be ok for a few hours, my anxiety over meeting new people and being around more than a couple of people is dulled into the background. However, once the effects of alcohol wear off then my anxiety is heightened. As I said in my recent post about Self Doubt, after having consumed alcohol I often spiral into a lull, a depression for days afterwards, thinking of all the things I shouldn't have done, or said, or how I may have embarassed myself. Often what occurs at parties people don't care about, or don't remember themselves, but being an anxious person they can affect me for days on end.

Yet, if I am sober, although I don't have the heightened anxiety or crippling embarassment, my same fears are still there. I struggle to go up and talk to people, even people I have known for years, or who have been in my classes. I struggle to keep up conversations, join in, or go up and dance with all my friends. Unless I have someone who I feel safe with, and who will be there if my anxiety starts calling, I often have to leave parties and go to a place I feel safe, my bed, my boyfriends house, or a quiet corner in my favourite coffee house. It happened a day into T in the Park 2013, my Year 13 Prom, and my friends recent 18th birthday party, and so far all I have done is run away.

I have struggled to find a solution for my anxiety, and with my A Level results and University looming, I fear that I will really struggle in Fresher's Week, to make friends, go out to clubs and keep up the 'party' lifestyle that is famous in Fresher's Week. I dont want to be the girl sat in her room alone, having gone home early cause there was too many people, they were too drunk or had no one to talk to.

I am working on ways of controlling my anxiety, going out into bigger crowds and trying to go to small pubs and gigs, and hopefully lessening my panic attacks. If you suffer from social anxiety, have troubled with Fresher's Week at Uni, or have anything which helped you control your anxiety I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Fanatstic post!! Well done!!


  2. i struggle with anxiety myself and in my first year at uni found it so so helpful to tell my best friend/flatmate about it, it made it much easier to not have to explain myself when I'd start to feel sick or nervous about irrational things. Taking a minute to myself to listen to some music in my room and planning ahead - like knowing I had enough money to get a taxi home if I needed to really helped. my email address is on my blog page if you have any questions about uni and things or if you want a chat lovely!
    sara x

    1. Thank you that is so kind of you, it means a lot. I am so worried about Freshers Week and being somewhere new, I struggle so much in new situations. Planning ahead sounds like a good idea. H xx

  3. Great! I like your post. It is quite informative. A person with Anxiety Disorders experiences an unidentifiable fear. The actual cause of the fear is unknown because there is no apparent threat. It is unlike the anxiety that is expected in the face of danger which disappears when the threat is gone.


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