Thursday, 10 July 2014

25 Facts About Me

 I like to class my blog mainly as a lifestyle bolg, and what is a lifestlye blog without knowing the person behind it? So I thought I would share with you some random facts about myself, here goes....

1. I am pretty short (at 5 ft 1.5") and when we had to stand in height order for our Year 13 photo I was the very last person.
2. Along the same vein as the first fact, I have pretty small feet, anything from 2.5 to 4, and because of this my Mum refers to me as a Hobbit.
3. At Radio One's Big Weekend in Carlisle I accidently stuck my hand in a porta-loo urinal, it was traumatising to say the least.
4. I am afraid of water where I can not see the bottom, and beleive that sharks will come out of the vents in swimming pools. This makes crossing bridges and stepping onto piers very difficult.
5. I played the Cello for 5 years, but I gave it up because I found it too heavy, which was rather silly of me.
6. My middle name is Alexandra, and my Mum once claimed the name was given to her by the anethetist that was present at my birth...
7. When I cant sleep I rub all four sides of my ankles and in between my toes an equal amount of times (usually 8).
8. ...I also scrath the joins in my elbows and knees, all four sides of my wrists and inbetween my fingers an even number of times when I get stressed and nervous, or have washed my hands.
9.  At University I hope to study History, I am a total History nerd.
10. However, when I grow up I want to have some sort of job as a psychiatrist.
11. My favourite foods are Mexican and Curry, and I will eat them every day.
12. My natural hair is rather curly, but when I was younger I used to straighten it all the time.
13. Before I had braces I used to be able to fit a pound between my front teeth
14. I am also missing an adult tooth, and will always have one baby tooth left
15. I hate being in the hot sun, in fact when on holiday in France I had to sit under a parasol when lounging by the pool as my skin could not take it!
16. I have 2.5/3 kidneys, and I have the scans to prove it!!
17. I am addicted to potato waffles and those potato smiley faces, so much so that I have a 'Waffle Dance'
18. I love to read, and so does the rest of my family, which means that our house is stacked with books everywhere as we now have too many to fit on our bookcases
19. I pronounce Penguin like Paaainguin
20. I love Lord of the Rings and when in New Zealand went on a tour of all the film's locations.
21. We used to own a flat in Crinan, Scotland, and Crinan is like a home from home to me.
22. I have never had a teenage girl crush on a boyband, in fact I like pretty much all other music bar that.
23. When I am older I want to have four kids, in boy, girl, boy, girl order in quick succession (god help the guy who marries me)
24.  Both me and my Mum are obsessed with fairy lights, they make everything better!!
25. I can name all the 50 States of America, and tend to do it in alphabetical order.

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