Sunday, 15 June 2014

What I am listening to this Week #21

1. Geographer- Lover's Game For a girl who is about to sit her A Level Geography exams in a few weeks time this band seemed rather appropriate. If you are a lover of "Two Door Cinema Club" then give this band a listen
2. Dillon- Thirteen Thirteyfive There is something very pure and somewhat innocent about this women's voice. To me she just sounds young, with a smokiness to her voice that many people would kill for. Just such a beautiful song
3. Doves- Black and White Town  An old classic. Perfect for a road trip, it's certainly on my Driving Playlist (and yes I have a driving playlist...)
4. Balthazar- Wire This song just has that 'catchy' quality to it. You know what I mean?  just songs that have that catchy beat that you end up tapping out for the rest of the day
5. Isley Brothers- Twist and Shout Most people know this as a Beatles song, but it was origionally a "The Top Notes" song, it is also famous for being performed in a parade by Matthew Broderick in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". I just think the tones in the Isley Brother's voices adds a cetain element to the song. Plus I just love the Isley Brothers

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