Monday, 2 June 2014

Personalised Phone Case- Mr Nutcase

Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Case- £14.95*

A few weeks ago I received an email from Mr Nutcase, asking whether I wanted to try out a custom phone case. I have never had a custom made case before, in fact I have only ever had one case for my iPhone since I got it, two years ago. I was extremely happy to take up the opportunity of designing my own case, as I find that they are not only stylish accesories for your phone, but add an extra layer of protection (it can't just be me who drops their phone all the time).

The website was super easy to use, and other than a little cropping customising my case was hassle free. I opted for a close up of some flowers I acquired recently, as I loved the colours and the slightly abstract quality my origional photo had. Mr Nutcase also provided me with one speedy delivery, having ordered the case Thursday morning, and receiving it on the Saturday. Quality wise I was also pretty impressed, the colours were vibrant and the case sturdy, with the slim fit providing a little less weight and chunkiness than my origional case.

So to sum up Mr Nutcase; Super easy, super speedy and pretty darn good value for money too.

And Mr Nutcase has kindly given you, my lovely readers, a 10% off discount code, Thanku10, just in case you fancy your own custom case too!


  1. cool!



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    1. It's a really simple design, and you can put any photos you want on them too!! H xx


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