Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Long Distance Relationships

If you had asked me about a year ago whether long distance relationships were possible I would've told you flat out no. They never work, and they always end. Yet somehow a year later I find myself in a long distance relationship and I can't help wondering whether my original aversion to them will turn out to be true.

Now a days thanks to technology long distance relationships seem more plausible. Gone are 'The Notebook' days of romantic letters, now we have Skype, and in one quick click (or a few minutes if you have my internet connection speed) you can see and talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend hundreds of miles a way. Yet even Skype will still never compare to actually talking to them in person, going to the movies on a Saturday night or on those long summer evenings going for a nice walk instead of being inside having a 'Skype Date' (which for the record is just like a normal Skype chat but with the word date at the end).

Then there is the huge amount of trust you have to have for the other person. I am quite a jealous and paranoid person and keeping those feelings in check whilst my boyfriend is away is a monumental challenge. How anyone has that amount of trust for someone is beyond me. I hate being vulnerable and to me having to have that amount of trust for someone is like walking into a room with a Hope eating Zombie.

My opinion has always been that long distance relationships have never worked, but now I find myself in one I am desperate for it to all work out. But maybe that is how everyone feels when in a relationship, long distance or not? And if you have any tips on making a long distance relationship work, I would love to know.


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