Saturday, 12 April 2014

Assesing your Uni Choices

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a lover of spreadsheets. If I could use a spreadsheet to decide everything I probably would, and if you are like me and have heard back from all your Universities but don't quite have a favourite they are a great way of assesing your options.

For some of you this process is not relevant, your favourite Uni has given you an offer, or you have recieved an offer to good to resist, and picking your top two was just a matter of clicking and submitting. Yet if you are like me, extremely indecisive or not in love with any of your offers there are ways to help you decide.

Grades: Grades are pretty important when considering your options. If an offer has come back and you feel its grade requirements are just too unrealistic, discount it. If you know in your heart that that AAA requirement is not acheivable, or you are not willing to put in the work to get there look at your lower offer requirements.
Personal Ranking: Rank the different aspects out of ten. Accomodation, Course and the City/Location itself. It helps when ranking if you have been on a second visit day after receiving your offer, but a good ol' google search can help too. If like me you are super picky you can rank each catergory in sub-sections such as ranking the course by seperate years, range of choice research etc. Once you have done this average out the rankings and one should come out better than the others.
Cost: If living costs is a huge factor for you, search the living costs of each Uni in the first years and when out of University Accomodation. You'll find that some Unis are much cheaper to live in then others, paticularly when looking at Universities in London.
Prospects: In the current economic climate, employability after graduation can be key. Some Univerisites will have higher employability rates. Usually you will find that this is the case in London, where graduate employment is a lot higher. However it can vary throughout the country, and whether we like it ir not certain Universities will carry more weight with your future employers.

All these factors can help you decide where you want to go for the next 3-4 years of your life. However, the most important question you need to ask yourself when making your choices is can you see yourself living there and enjoying yourself for the forseeable future. Because there is no point working so hard and spending all that money on a great Unviersity if you are going to be miserable there. Hope that helps those of you who are undecided, and good luck choosing!


  1. Such a helpful post!

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    The Beauty Drawer

    1. Thank you Hannah. Oooh sounds good, I shall have to check it out!! H xx


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