Sunday, 16 March 2014

What I am listening to this Week #17

1. White Violet- First Aid Kit- Emmylou (Cover) My beautiful friend Maddy  (a girl who also loves a good blog) has her own music channel MaddyMajorMusic but combined with the amazing vocals of the equally beautiful Frankie they make up White Violet, who are pretty darn good. Think delicate harmonies and just a gorgeous sound all round, and their cover of Emmylou is so relaxing and wonderful to listen to.
2. Agnes Obel- Riverside This song has recently been on a BBC advert for the TV Drama Shetland, and as soon as I heard the introduction I had to get on Google and find out who's voice it was. Maybe it is because of the advert is for 'Shetland' but it reminds me of childhood days playing in our home on the West Coast of Scotland. It's also my go to song when I am sad, because not only does it remind me of simpler childhood times, but it is a goodun to cry too.
3. Nick Mulvey- Cucurucu A favourite with Radio 1 at the moment, and probably the hardest song title to say and definitley to type. An upbeat Spring/Summer song, that's kinda folky? I am not sure really, Contemporary Folk? Is that even a thing? It's certainly one to listen to on those long summer days anyway (when they finally come...)
4. Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite- Get Up You can't get by in my family home if you are not a fan of blues and jazz, so my love of blues and jazz has been pretty ingrained into my system. Charlie Musslewhite, a legend, and combined with the awesome Ben Harper, a modern day blues star, this song is just the right ingredients for a great blues songs, guitar solos, hermonica, smokey voice and all. Oh and the strummin' bass. Don't forget the bass.
5. Martha & The Vandellas- Dancing in the Street One of my favourite songs of all time, and one again that I grew up listening to. Sometimes you just can't beat a bit of Motown...


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