Sunday, 23 February 2014

What I am listening to this Week #14

1. Stornaaway-Zorbing- Introduced to me by a pair of friends, this band do such beautiful harmonies. A little bit folky (so predictable Hope...) this song is so relaxing, perfect for drawing to I find. I also love the horns that come in half way through, can't beat trumpets.
2. Absynthe Minded- Envoi- A band from Belgium who I can't get enough of recently. The guy on the double bass has a pretty impressive moustache, and altohugh facial hair shouldn't be what you look for in a band, I do always seem to be drawn to bands with masses of facial hair....
3. Rae Morris- Skin- A musician introduced to me by my boyfriend with the line 'She kinda has hair like you, but can sing'. Which to be fair is kinda true. This girl has a haughtingly beautiful voice.
4. Hot Chip- Ready for the Floor- This band has been instumental for me this week in helping me to get through the stressful days of revision. Every break taken away from the books has consisted of crazy dancing around the room to this band. Definite pick me up.
5. Woodkid- Iron- Recently another song by this band has featured on an advert for the new show 'Three Musketers' and it rekindled my love for this band all over again. I am not sure which catergory this music fits into, 'brilliantly eiry' maybe?


  1. Great songs. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. Awesome picks!

  3. Love that song, thanks for recommending. I have never heard of this band before!!

    1. Your welcome. And they are really good, I am in love!! H x


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