Sunday, 23 February 2014

What I am listening to this Week #14

1. Stornaaway-Zorbing- Introduced to me by a pair of friends, this band do such beautiful harmonies. A little bit folky (so predictable Hope...) this song is so relaxing, perfect for drawing to I find. I also love the horns that come in half way through, can't beat trumpets.
2. Absynthe Minded- Envoi- A band from Belgium who I can't get enough of recently. The guy on the double bass has a pretty impressive moustache, and altohugh facial hair shouldn't be what you look for in a band, I do always seem to be drawn to bands with masses of facial hair....
3. Rae Morris- Skin- A musician introduced to me by my boyfriend with the line 'She kinda has hair like you, but can sing'. Which to be fair is kinda true. This girl has a haughtingly beautiful voice.
4. Hot Chip- Ready for the Floor- This band has been instumental for me this week in helping me to get through the stressful days of revision. Every break taken away from the books has consisted of crazy dancing around the room to this band. Definite pick me up.
5. Woodkid- Iron- Recently another song by this band has featured on an advert for the new show 'Three Musketers' and it rekindled my love for this band all over again. I am not sure which catergory this music fits into, 'brilliantly eiry' maybe?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Quote of the Day- 'I Am'

'I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.” - Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar.

Today's quote of the day is a little more sombre, but that doesn't make it any less inspiring or beatuiful. I chose this quote today due to a recent 'episode' I had. I have mental health problems, and though I am improving all the time I still suffer from what I refer to as 'episodes'. Sometimes when experiencing these 'episodes' I feel extremely heavy and lifeless. I am unable to move and will lie flat and just blink occasionally. It's made all the worst because I am aware of the people around me talking to me and trying to bring me out of it but I often can't, and just have to wait for it to subside. This paticular time was when visiting my boyfriend, and I was aware of his pleading that if I could hear him to squeeze his hand and as much as I was distressing him I could barely open my eyes, never mind move my limbs. But all the while I kept running this Sylvia Plath quote in my head, listening to my heart beat 'I am, I am' to keep me calm and know that even though I wasn't in control of my body in that moment, or of my feelings and happiness, my heart was still rolling on, beating, helping me be me. I knew I was still real, I was still there, because my heartbeat was telling me I was

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dealing with University Rejections

As the University Offers are rounding to a close this year many of you will be sitting back and narrowing all your offers down to just two. However, not everyone is lucky enough to receive five offers. With thousands of offers coming through to every University some people have to get rejected, and I was one of those people too. Now, I am not gonna lie, when it's a Univeristy you really liked and wanted to go to the rejection can sting just a little. But it is not the end of the world. Most likely wherever you pick you are going to love it there, and have the bestest time ever (and learn alot too). Yet, if you still feel like you just gotta go to that University, you can always reapply next year with your actual grades. Chances are the break from school will do you some good. But for now the most important thing is to concentrate on getting those grades, so get back to that studying!!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

'3 Ways to Wear'- Flannel Shirt

I always find myself wanting more and more clothes, but never having the money to buy them. So I thought a little series of posts called '3 Ways to Wear' would provide the incentive and idea to re-wear pieces in different ways, and first up is this vintage American flannel shirt, which can I just say, is literally one of the cosiest things I own!!
 1. Casual Flannel- A relaxed day to day outfit, (rocking the 'Will.I.Am' huge checky shirt around the waist look). Paired with a grey marl t-shirt (a warbrobe staple for me), jeans, cosy toes in boots and thick socks, finished with a silver cross necklace which I adore.

 2. Girly Flannel- I always try to make quite a masculine piece (it's actually a mans shirt, gotta stop buying men's clothes...) just that little bit feminine, and whats more feminine than a dress? I paired it with some girly pumps, a hair ribbon and my Nan's engagement ring to up the girliness a tad more.

3. Edgy Flannel- Vamping it up a bit with disco pants, chunky boots and a snapback this has to be my favourite outfit of the three. Pefect for a day in town shopping or grabbing a quick lunch with friends. The hat is also perfect for covering up those bad hair days.

Outfit 1: Top-Primark, Jeans-Tommy Hilfiger (similar), Boots-New Look (similar), Socks-Topshop, Necklace-Missguided (sale), Bracelts-(just seen), vintage market, Marrakech.
Outfit 2: Woolen Dress-Asda, Shoes-Primark, Tights-Marks and Spencer, Necklace-Nan's engagement ring, Hair Ribbon-Fenwick
Outfit 3: Disco Pants-Topshop (similar), Boots-New Look, Cap-Amazon (similar), Rings-Urban Outfitters

Saturday, 15 February 2014

What I am Listening to this Week #13

1. High Hopes- Kodaline I had never really taken the time to sit down and watch this video. It is really beautiful, even if I don't really get it. Just a side note, the chorus sounds like 'Hi Hope', so obviously he is singing to me personally....
2.Pale Sun Rose- Matthew and the Atlas What's this you say? Another folk esque band? Never...
3. Terms and Conditions- Chet Faker New love. New Beard. So relaxed and chilled out, can't get enough of this guy.
4. Little Numbers- BOY When I first heard this band I was a tad confused. The name of the band is BOY so naturally I assumed it would be a bunch of guys. It's not (stating the obvious here)
5.Hurricane- MS MR Such as cool/slightly odd video. Not quite sure why Johnny Depp as Edward Scissor Hands makes an appearence though?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What I am Listening to this Week #12 (Valentine Special)

Who's ready for a super cheesy Valentine special this week? Those top five love songs to get you ready for probably the most silly holiday of the year (sorry to all of you out there who love this 'holiday') If you are alone you are just reminded of the fact once every year, and it is even worse if you are reminded of it multiple years in a row....and if you are with someone, talk about another day where there's pressure to get presents, make a big deal and wear something nice. St. Valentine has alot to answer for. But never the less Valentines is coming up, so here goes the soppy love songs....

1.Puppy Love- S Club Juniors Yes, I went there, lets not discuss why, just accept it.
2. Your Song- Ellie Goulding I loved Elton's version, but I just love Goulding's voice. And its so stripped back and pure here.
3. Just the Way You Are- Billy Joel Another one of my Dad's favourites and undoubtedly a great musician. This song was written as an ode to his wife. Wish someone would write me a song *hint*
4. I Got You Babe- Sonny and Cher The ultimate karaoke love song. I remember singing this on Sing Star on the PS2 back in the day. Anyone else remember Sing Star?
5. Lets Get it On- Marvin Gaye Can't fault a bit of Motown. Man I love this song, and Marvin of course. And that suit he's wearing....

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines, whether with friends, family or the bf/gf. And I promise to never feature S Club Juniors ever again.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Quote of the Day- Love

'I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.' - Martin Luther King
Seeing as Valentines is just around the corner I thought today's quote should be all about love. However, not that smoochy love that Valentine's is always associated with, but love of humanity, love of everyone, love of yourself. And this Martin Luther King quote seemed perfect (even more perfect after spending weeks doing coursework all about him!).
I urge you all to adopt this mantra into your everyday life, and if on Valentine's Day you find yourself with the BF, with your family and friends, or even just out and about, make sure to spread the love, not the hate.
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Monday, 3 February 2014

Top Five Books #1

For those of you who haven't read my 'Hopes Here' page, let me fill you in, I love to read. Alot. And what better way to share my passion than with all of you. So here is my 'Top Five Books' numero uno.
1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky- Charlie is in his first year of high school, and is whats classed as a wallflower. He has the quiet, watchful personality which creates trust, companionship and is what some would say a 'nerd'. This book is beautiful, with great music and book references thrown in too. Charlie is the kind of character you instantly love, and the discovery of his troubled past is enough to make anyone cry. I have highlighted so many lines from this book, its the perfect 'coming of age' story.
2. The Bell Jar- Sylvia Plath-This book has a similar subject to that of Chbosky in its dealings with finding ones self and the horrible pain of depression. Plath portrays the struggles extrenly well, and again so many lines are highlighted (I know, I really have to stop graffiting books...), as I can relate to not only the feelings of Plath's main character, but Plath herself.
3. 1984- George Orwell- A classic all about what the 'future' would be like. Brilliant, thought provoking, and just a little scary. I always thought that cameras were watching us....
4. It's Kind of a Funny Story- Ned Vizzini- Vizzini's recent suicide was a great loss to the writing world. His ability to write about teen angst and his personal experiences in a psychiatric ward was truely inspiring. A poignant story of the stresses placed upon a young persons shoulders in todays society
5. Fabulous Frocks- Sarah Gristwood- A lot less serious than the rest of my picks, a stunning book filled with amazing photography showing dresses through the ages. From 50s to 60s to the sexy dresses Beyonce wears today, this books is jammed packed and extremely pretty. A recommendation to all you fashion savy out there.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into some of my favourite books. I whole heartedly beleive that the books people choose help us to better understand them, and I wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know me a little bit better. I would love to hear any of your reccomendations, as I am always on the prowl for a new read!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

What I am Listening to this Week #11

1. Youth- Daughter Daughter has this profound ability to sing exactly what I am thinking and how I am feeling, like exactly. Maybe we are kindred spirits, or does everyone feel like that about a certain artist? Another Daughter track featured on an earlier playlist here.
2. Empty Corridors- Ben Howard I love me some Ben Howard, and I still haven't quite got over missing his gig almost two years ago because I got ill. Empty Corridors seems to be filled with double meanings and metaphors (or is it similies?) So much so that he even sings 'and we talk in useless meataphors' (see what I did there?) A surfer from down South its relaxing laid back music with a bit folk thrown in.
3. Caress Your Soul- Sticky Fingers The name of this band always reminds me of eating jam donoughts, cause you get really sugary sticky fingers after it. That's probably why I always get really hungry listening to them. In my opinion the live version is even better, click here to hear them play it live.
4. Brother- Matt Corby That voice, that growl, that beard. 'Nough Said.
5. Happy- Pharrell Williams This song has been played alot recently, but it can still make me dance, even if my little sister has played it a million times in one day. I also love Despicable Me, those Minions are adorable. Plus kinda wanted to marry Pharrell for a while, but he just had to go get married to a model, I can't compete with that....
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