Friday, 3 January 2014

What I am Listening to this Week #9...Mix Tape Playlists

As part of some Christmas presents I decided to make some themed mix tapes for my friends and boyfriend, so this week you get a list of songs that also featured on one of my friends Crimbo presents (I will drag out Christmas for as long as I can....)
Now, I listen to quite alot of Blues and Soul music, partly thanks to my Dads influence as a child, and so for one of the girls, who didn't know alot about the genre but qas open to listening, I compiled a little list of blues and soul songs for her:

1. Layla- Eric Clapton This was her favourite track on the list, and no prizes for guessing why, Eric Clapton is one of the best modern blues singers of all time (in my opinion anyway....)
2. Dog House Boogie- Seasick Steve- Yet again, a fairly recent addition to the blues world, Seasick Steve and his '3 String Guitar'.

3. Land of 1000 Dance- Wilson Pickett- Don't know what it is about this tune, but it just has me dancing everytime I hear it. Fans of the Full Monty will recognise it as 'The Horse' audition song.
4. Soul Man- Sam and Dave- I don't quite understand why they are just called Sam and Dave, and whether they are their actual names, some clarification would be appreciated, possibly a Wikipedia search is in order
5. Messin' with the Kid- Junior Wells- 1,2, you know what to do....

6. Boom Boom- John Lee Hooker- Damn this mans husky voice, do love a good ol' husky voice.
7. I Got the Feelin'- James Brown- Another classic to the world of blues and soul, James Brown.
8. Green Onions- Booker T & the MG's- The name of this track slighlty confuses me, and always makes me hungry for a fresh salad. I guess listening to blues music is a good way to stay healthy atleast....
9. Shake Your Tailfeather- Ray Charles- Playing himself (if Ray Charles happened to own a music store in downtown Chicago) Ray Charles demostrates how any piano sounds good, as long as you know how to play it. Plus Dan Akroyd and John Belushi's dancing is something to be admired.

10. How Blue Can you Get- B.B. King- Quite literally the 'King of Blues' musicians don't get much greater than this. A headliner at Glastonbury a couple of years ago, B.B. King proved that Blues just doesn't die.

Hope you enjoy my Blues and Soul playlist, and if you have any song recommendations, I will happily have a listen! H x

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