Wednesday, 1 January 2014

'Christmas Take 2'

Its 'Christmas Take 2' in the Butler household, this time with my boyfriend. I always find that important holidays and birthdays are a balancing act in terms of spending time with all your loved ones. My boyfriend happened to be skiing the week leading up to Christmas, so this week has been our own mini Christmas, or as I call it, 'Christmas Take 2'. Although, instead of another Christmas dinner we had Christmas Curry, and there wasnt a tree in my house, but I wapped on the festive jumper and Christmas tunes to make it feel that little bit more Chritsmassy.

You can never have too many fairylights, or candles for that

Santa didnt visit for my second Christmas, and I waited all night!!

Although I enjoy having celebrations and presents over the course of two weeks as I move around celebrating Christmas with different family memebers and friends, I do find the juggling hard, however, I know I am a very lucky girl to have so many lovely people in my life. H x

Gingerbread Top- Topshop 
Disco Pants- Topshop
Candles- Archway


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