Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What I am listening to this Week #7

I decided to lay off the christmas playlist till next week, as I have really been too busy to get into the proper festive mood, and I haven't had time to find my Chrimbo albums (I suspect my parents have hidden them from me anyway...) So although this week's playlist may be slighlty lacking in festivity, it's still worth a listen!!

1. Daughter- Medicine This first song is quite personal to me. When I first started to get sick (I will explain my illness at some point in a later post when I am ready) my friend said this song reminded her of me. At the time this made me very sad, but I have grown to love the song, as I realised that it helped her to understand and feel better about what I was going through. A song that has the power to do something like that is very special indeed.
2. Nneka- Shining Star A beautiful song by a beautiful women. I love the slight laid back reggae vibe this song has, and it gets me smiling everytime I hear it. Also check out her song with Ziggy Marley here.
3. Dexy's Midnight Runners- Come on Eileen My Dad was a big fan of punk and this era of music, and songs like these just remind me of car journeys as a child, my Dad singing along and me dancing in my car seat. Apparenlty I was more of a 'The Jam' fan as a child, but this is one of the first song's I can remember my Dad singing to me as a child.
4. Emily and the Woods- Small Song I am quite a small person, so I enjoy the name of this song. The best things come in small packages, just like this song. And I love her name aswell, there's something eiry and cool about adding 'and the Woods' to your name. Hope and the Woods anyone....?
5. Hudson Taylor- Lose Yourself/Walking on the Flume A mash up that I would never have imagined, but it seems to work really well, and I think part of that is down to the talent of these guys. As well as covers with the likes of Gabrielle Aplin and Lewis Watson they also write their own songs, served with a slice of delicious harmonies, so please go check these guys out!

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