Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Let the festivities begin...

Christmas has finally arrived in the Butler household (albeit slightly late) and I got very excited. Firslty I got the Christmas decorations out of the shed, and all the twinkly lights somehow managed to get tangled up, like every year...but a few hours later I had them all on and was humming festive tunes. I then proceeded to make my boyfriend (the least enthusiastic Christmas person I have met, and I practically live with Scrooge) listen to my Christmas album everywhere I drove and watch 'A Christmas Carol' with me, whilst I quoted the film. 'Marley was dead, as dead as a doornail...'

Next up came the Christmas shopping!! I had the day off school so me and a few friends decided to tackle the hard job of buying everyone Christmas presents. I had my list all sorted, my Reindeer skirt on and my snowflake earrings, just to get me in the mood. I even had festive snacks, in the form of snowbites (oh how I have missed those delicious Cadburys creations). And lets just say, I have a whole line up of festive outfits that I will hopefully get to show you guys, and maybe even a festive wrapping idea or two. H x
Fenwick's Window! I queue every year to see it

Christmas Shopping, complete with a super healthy lunch to fuel the hour my friend spent in Primark....


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