Friday, 22 November 2013

24 hours in A&E (ok it was actually 7 1/2 hours....)

I know Wedneasday is supposed to be the worst day of the week, when the week seems like it is never going to end, but for me it was a little trip to A&E at 7 in the morning with the possibility of appendicitis. After seven hours, alot of morphine, and a bag full of fluid later I was released, with the comment 'We dont know what that was'.

Now I am trying to recover from my painful ordeal, and as I mentioned in my earlier post here I am literally the worst person at being sick on the history of the planet. But I thought I would share with you a few things that I use when I am sick.

Everyone needs a good selection of books (and the most recent Company) to read whilst lounging in bed
I wasn't allowed anything bar water and dry bread for 24 hours after my release, the next day however, was all about the tea

Blankets and a  hot water bottle (mine is in the shape of a adorable lion) are neccessary for a much needed snuggle

I am currently at home on the mend, and hope to be up and about again for my friends 18th birthday (even if I am still walking like an old man and need alot of makeup to make myself look semi presentable...). However, I am still waiting for the get well flowers from my family, but I think I am gonna have to settle for them making me cups of tea instead. H x


  1. Love those books, love the mug ;) xxxxx

  2. Thanks Molly! I beleive you have the same mug ;) H x


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