Friday, 25 October 2013

What I am listening to this Week #5

Seeing as it is a Friday and all, I thought that this weeks playlist could have a little weekend party theme, so here goes;

1. Underworld- Born Slippy .Nuxx I remember my Dad playing this tune alot when I was younger, and it took me a while to like the song, as I couldn't understand the lyrics. But as I have grown older I have grown to love this tune, so thanks Dad!
2. Wonderful Night- Fatboy Slim A great tune to dance to, I honestly can't stay still when this tune is played, and bizzarely enough my dad introduced me to this guy too from an early age, and I have fond memories of me and my younger sister dacing around to Mr Norman Cooke's songs in our tiny flat in Scotland.
3. Warrior's Dance- The Prodigy A band my Mum was desperate for me and her to go see a few years back (yeh, not a band I would go see with anyones mother, nevermind my own....) The Prodigy have always been cranked up to full volume in our household, and the video for this songs is a definite watch (dancing cigarettes burning in gasoline, what more could you ask for?).
4. Around the World- Daft Punk I had a tough time deciding on which Daft Punk song to chose, should I have gone for Robot Rock, Da Funk or something newer such as Get Lucky? I just couldnt quite decide which one of these helmet loving guys songs to go for, so why not have a dance around to all the ones listed above?
5. Bootylicious- Destiny's Child A girl always needs some sass when getting ready for a night out, or to dance to on the dance floor, so roll on Destiny's Child. And with deep and meaningfull lyrics such as 'I don't think you're ready for this jelly' you'll defintely be ready for a night out!


Thursday, 17 October 2013

What I am listening to this Week #4

It seems like my weeks are forever jam packed with things that need doing; homework, tidying, looking after my little sister, and with a run up to Christmas fastly approaching things are only gonna get worse! Without my music keeping me calm and collected I would most probably be a giant fire ball of stress right now. So without further a do I give you 'What I am listening to this Week'.

1. Home- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zone This is such a happy go lucky song and everytime I hear it my mood is instantly lifted. I paticularly love this song as the line 'Alabama Arkansas' reminds me of my party trick in where I name the fifty states (a little sad I know, I have no idea about the counties of England and I'm English. but what can ya do....).
2. Ben Pearce- "What I might Do" Everytime the new Tesco's F+F advert came on TV I would have to turn up the volume and listen. After weeks of meaning to look up the song and forgetting I have finally found it, and now I have a good ol' dance to it whenever I want. I also really want to party with the people in this video, paticularly the guy with the Unicorn horn. Do you think a Unicorn Horn would be too much to for school...?
3. Bassment Jaxx- Do your Thing In honour of my Bassment Jaxx tickets arriving in the post the other day I have had them on repeat. I cannot wait to see these guys live!!
4. Respect- Aretha Franklin I used to dream I had this womens voice, and whilst partying at a friends 18th me and a group of girls proved that we definetly dont have her voice, and sounded more like dying cats. But that isn't gonna stop me from dreaming!! This version is taken from the the Blues Brothers 2000 film where she plays Matt 'Guitar' Murphy's bossy wife, a set of films I have loved since I was a little girl.
5. Cannonball- The Breeders Finally last but certainly not least is Cannonball by The Breeders. Going a little old school with a classic head bangin' tune. This song screams the 90s, the video a testiment to my birth decade.

Hope you like my weekly playlist, and I look forward to sharing more music with you soon. H x
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