Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The B Word

Now, when I say the B word I know what you are all thinking, but today I am not talking about those cat fights you have at school, I am talking about the other B word, the Boyfriend word. Before we go any further, this isnt gonna be an expose into my love life, certainly not, this post came about due to the lengthy discussions I have been having with my friends over the last few days about THEIR love life (just so we're clear).

Sometimes listening to my friends talk about their love lives confuses me. There is all this umming and aahing over what they are thinking, what they want, whether or not you are actually boyfriend and girlfriend. And I sympathise with them, I really do, last relationship I had I turned into a monster, someone I didn't want to be. Clingy. Jealous. Obsessive. Three words I never want to be associated with ever again, so I really do understand the pain that relationships can put you through. But heres the thing, the be all and end all of relationships, that one defining word that can change oh so much, and that is the B word.

Maybe if we all just wore jumpers like these it'd
be simpler....?

Since social networking has become such a HUGE part of our everyday lives I have been hearing a certain phrase going around. This phrase I am reffering to is the 'Facebook Official' phrase. According to some people a relationship isnt official unless it is plastered all over your fb wall, that little 'In a Relationship with...' and a heart. But what if you dont want the high school of the internet nebbing around in your love life? I mean telling people at high school is bad enough, my relationship was even discussed between my friends and my teacher, which was a tad embarassing to say the least. Why cant we just leave our love life private, do things our own way?

This is not to say I am condemming the whole fb thing, for some people its great. And I admit next time round maybe I would put it up on my wall, but enevitably it always leads to that one awkward conversation. Asking someone you are just getting to know, or who you have just made out with or whatever, whether you can announce it to the fb world is never an easy conversation. What if they say no? Does that lead onto a whole other conversation? A premature break up? Feelings of distrust? I honestly couldn't tell ya, but next time someone wants to have a sit down chat with me about their love life I am gonna listen carefully, with totally unbiased ears, and see whether they can persuade me next time around to make it 'Facebook Official'. H x

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