Monday, 23 September 2013

A quick update

Now I know I deserve a huge slap on the wrist yet again for neglecting my blogging duties, and I probably could do with some organisational tips as I am probably the least organised person on the planet.

I am almost a month back into school, and I have been exhausted. Lessons, socialising and waking up early to catch a lift to school all seem to be taking its toll, and dont even get me started on fighting for the bathroom in the morning. With my lack of organisational skills (as mentioned above) I have started going to school with frizzy hair, toothpaste on my jeans and cloaked in shapeless hoodies, and am I any less tired? Nope. Add the fact that all my weekends are spent touring Universitiy campuses and wishing people a Happy 18th and I am exhausted. When will it all end?? I mean I cant complain, celebrating with my friends is lots of fun, and planning where I will spend the next three years of my life is kind of exciting too. But I just wish I could get a little me time. Maybe have time for a bubble bath, a face mask, maybe even paint my nails (I have had chipped nails for 2 weeks now)?

I feel a little bit like this gummy bear I murdered...
 I would love to hear all about your stressy school, work or social life, cause surely I can't be the only one right!? Or is it just my lack or organisation...? H x

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