Saturday, 28 September 2013

Choosing a University

I am a pretty indecisive person. I thought we should just get that cleared up now. I find it hard choosing what I am gonna eat for lunch, what I am gonna wear and generally meaningless day to day tasks. So when it comes to choosing something important I have NO idea. None at all. And I suddenly find myself saddled with the task of where I wish to spend the next 3 years (or more) of my life.

Every weekend for the past month I have been trawling around university after university trying to decide which one I like best. But I am just too picky, one place I will like the accomodation, the next, the course, the one after that the city. And I am easily swayed. If it is raining or I am in a bad mood I will instantly go off the place. If an open day has bunting up, then I am hooked. But I cant seem to find a university where I love every aspect of it. Family, friends, teachers are all telling me to take a gap year out. But I just know if I do that I will spend it watching Jeremy Kyle and 'The Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills' (has there ever been a better show?). If I had something planned I could justify a year out, like a volunteering job, or a holiday abroad somewhere...? But I just havent planned for it and have no money. I want to go to Uni, I do, its just a matter of choosing.
Is that bunting I see in the distance!?

Pretty red flowers are also a deal breaker

There is then the problems of going. I am an extremely shy person, and new people get me very nervous and I never know quite what to do with myself. There is then the whole Freshers Week (even more people) where I just know I am going to do something stupid. Me and drink do not go well together, trust me (ooh thats another post idea, embarrassing stories, coming soon!!). Now I know anyone reading this will say that everyone is in the same boat, but are they really? There is always a certain group of people who are super confident and uber cool, even with copious amounts of alcohol in them, I just aint one of them.

I know that a new found independence and a chance for learning are also in the running, and I am truely excited about that, its just I cant help thinking about all the negative things too....

Now I am off to go whittle down my gigantic list of universities to five, so wish me luck! H x

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