Friday, 30 August 2013

What I am listening to this Week #2

Well this is the second installment in my new weekly post, What I am listening to this Week #2, if you missed last weeks, click here to read.

1. Snow (Hey Ho)- Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Now this song has always been on my playlist to get my spirits up, but this week was major cleaning week, and it got me through scrubbing the floors, painting, glossing and de moulding, and without it I probably would have sank down in a pile of grime.
2. Animal Rights- Deadmau5 ft. Wolfgang Gartner- This is quite an unusual one for me to have yet again, but I do alot of mixing, and this track has been instumental to mashing up my own mixes recently.
3.No Diggity- Passenger ft Ed Sheeran- I love the origional and when I saw that Passenger, who's voice I kinda wanna marry, had done a cover I had to listen to it, I love how they have broken it down and the harmonies are good. There is also a little cheeky mashup of Macklemores- Thrift Shop which was pleasantly unexpected.
4. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons- I first heard and got into this song because it was the advert to the new Assasins Creed game (oh the powers of advertising) and after that I had to find out who wrote it. The band is great, and I had the pleasure of seeing them live at T in the Park recently. They did a special live version of this song which would put the length of Stairway to Heaven to shame. Again, it is the bass line that I love about this song, throw in futuristic sounding, revolutiony lyrics and this Sci-Fi chick is hooked.
5. Do Re Me- Sound of Music- Now I always have to have a curveball track in here somewhere it seems, and here it is this week. I took my little sister out for her first trip to the Theatre yesterday to see The Sound of Music, and she loved it. Generally as a rule I am not so keen on musicals, unless its something like Hairspray or Grease, and my family has a tradition of never having seen the Sound of Music (my Grandad is 82 and still refuses to watch it), so I wasnt keen on seeing this paticular musical. But I must admit it was ok, but I didnt get the whole Nun/Singing Children thing one bit, however, when I got home, unloading the dishwasher I found myself humming this tune, maybe I am cut out for the Theatre after all.... H x


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