Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Exam Results *deep breath*

Now I know this is a week late, but last thursday every AS/A Level student in the UK received his or her exam results, and I was no exception. I had been staying over at @LuciaMMXII house for her sisters birthday so I wasn't able to hear my Mum's comforting words (which are never that comforting anyway) before I left to go to school to retreive that little brown envelope, or as I like to call it, 'The Dream Crusher'. Now it is a bit dramatic for me to call it that as I was just picking up my AS Level results, so it wasn't quite as detremental to my future, as it will be next year...... Now my plan for the day was to make sure I did my makeup in the morning, so I knew that I couldn't cry or there would be mascara everywhere. To an extent that did work, althought the flood barriers had to work hard nevertheless. Now I did get ok results, but I have high expectations (super high) and I think part of that is the school thinking I am smarter than I actually am, and the ridiculously high grades you have to get to do a Law degree at a UK University. And I had to tell my Maths tutor (yeh not so smart if I need a Maths tutor) that I did the worst in his subject, no matter all the hard work he put in. Then there is the fact I have some smart cookies for friends, so when you open your results and the girl standing next to you is dissapointed with AABB and your stood there with ABBBC your a little bit put out. However, I knew that if I had got AABB I would also have been dissapointed (if I hadnt known I would've got worse). Now I just have to wait till September when I go into school for my interviews and my subject teachers get to tell me what they really think of my grades, scary or what? H x



  1. Luck with your next school year! :)

    Have a nice day!

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