Friday, 30 August 2013

What I am listening to this Week #2

Well this is the second installment in my new weekly post, What I am listening to this Week #2, if you missed last weeks, click here to read.

1. Snow (Hey Ho)- Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Now this song has always been on my playlist to get my spirits up, but this week was major cleaning week, and it got me through scrubbing the floors, painting, glossing and de moulding, and without it I probably would have sank down in a pile of grime.
2. Animal Rights- Deadmau5 ft. Wolfgang Gartner- This is quite an unusual one for me to have yet again, but I do alot of mixing, and this track has been instumental to mashing up my own mixes recently.
3.No Diggity- Passenger ft Ed Sheeran- I love the origional and when I saw that Passenger, who's voice I kinda wanna marry, had done a cover I had to listen to it, I love how they have broken it down and the harmonies are good. There is also a little cheeky mashup of Macklemores- Thrift Shop which was pleasantly unexpected.
4. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons- I first heard and got into this song because it was the advert to the new Assasins Creed game (oh the powers of advertising) and after that I had to find out who wrote it. The band is great, and I had the pleasure of seeing them live at T in the Park recently. They did a special live version of this song which would put the length of Stairway to Heaven to shame. Again, it is the bass line that I love about this song, throw in futuristic sounding, revolutiony lyrics and this Sci-Fi chick is hooked.
5. Do Re Me- Sound of Music- Now I always have to have a curveball track in here somewhere it seems, and here it is this week. I took my little sister out for her first trip to the Theatre yesterday to see The Sound of Music, and she loved it. Generally as a rule I am not so keen on musicals, unless its something like Hairspray or Grease, and my family has a tradition of never having seen the Sound of Music (my Grandad is 82 and still refuses to watch it), so I wasnt keen on seeing this paticular musical. But I must admit it was ok, but I didnt get the whole Nun/Singing Children thing one bit, however, when I got home, unloading the dishwasher I found myself humming this tune, maybe I am cut out for the Theatre after all.... H x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Charity Shop Haul

Now I have had a bit of a busy week (for me anyway) visiting my Grandparents and taking my sister on day trips during her last week of holidays, so I apologise for being a bit abscence in the blogging department.

Whilst at my Grandparents over in the Yorkshire Dales I took advantage of all the different little shops that are dotted around, mostly for the benefit of tourists. There was this old fashioned Apothecary shop that made me pratically cry with joy over all the homemade bath salts, perfumes, shampoos and soaps I could buy. Not only that but they also had a clothing section which sold the cutest pairs of frilly underwear I have ever seen, and I was just in the mind to make a purchase when my Grandma's dissaproving face looked over, so I moved on to the selection of Paul and Joe make up they sold. I was in a small, delightfully smelling, heaven. There were lots of other antique shops and unique quiant gifty shops that I ooed and ahed over until I came to the bottom of the hill and made it to the Charity/Vintage Shop.

Origionally I went in there in search of some shoes for a party, if you have read my Fact of the Week about Heels you will know about my hatred for heels, if not feel free to click here, and so I always try to purchase cheap pairs of heels so it doesn't matter when they only get worn once and thrown in the closet. So it was to my great surprise when I walked out of there with two pairs of heels (you heard me, two pairs!!) and a top. Including the hat that I had purchased in another shop earlier in the morning I had somehow managed to acquire an extra three items....again....

These pretty red suede shoes are Kurt Geiger, and only cost £4 and other
than a toe scuff are in really good condition.
A grey and black bowler style hat will come in useful and help top off
many an outfit, this was my Grandad's favourite
purchase (my Grandad is very into fashion).

A close up of a crop cardigan I am turning into a top for going out. And
a pair of shoes which are a bit vampy for me if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Exam Results *deep breath*

Now I know this is a week late, but last thursday every AS/A Level student in the UK received his or her exam results, and I was no exception. I had been staying over at @LuciaMMXII house for her sisters birthday so I wasn't able to hear my Mum's comforting words (which are never that comforting anyway) before I left to go to school to retreive that little brown envelope, or as I like to call it, 'The Dream Crusher'. Now it is a bit dramatic for me to call it that as I was just picking up my AS Level results, so it wasn't quite as detremental to my future, as it will be next year...... Now my plan for the day was to make sure I did my makeup in the morning, so I knew that I couldn't cry or there would be mascara everywhere. To an extent that did work, althought the flood barriers had to work hard nevertheless. Now I did get ok results, but I have high expectations (super high) and I think part of that is the school thinking I am smarter than I actually am, and the ridiculously high grades you have to get to do a Law degree at a UK University. And I had to tell my Maths tutor (yeh not so smart if I need a Maths tutor) that I did the worst in his subject, no matter all the hard work he put in. Then there is the fact I have some smart cookies for friends, so when you open your results and the girl standing next to you is dissapointed with AABB and your stood there with ABBBC your a little bit put out. However, I knew that if I had got AABB I would also have been dissapointed (if I hadnt known I would've got worse). Now I just have to wait till September when I go into school for my interviews and my subject teachers get to tell me what they really think of my grades, scary or what? H x


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What I am listening to this Week #1

Now, I have had a bit of a writers block recently, and have been sitting with my notepad open staring into space for a few days now. But never the less my persistence paid off cause it is without further ado that I introduce to you my new weekly post; What I am listening to this week.

Now music is a big part of my life, I dont think a day goes by where I am not listenng to something, looking up new bands or mixing my own stuff, so I thought it would be a great thing to share with you guys, so here goes;

1. Dancing with the Devil- Wolfgang (feat kyla La Grange) This is a great band, this song is a version of a song on there album, but its been stripped back to just the haughtingly origional vocals, with the help of one Kyla La Grange.
2. Call me in the Afternoon- Half Moon Run My new boyband crush, Half Moon Run are a little bit like Fleet Foxes, little like Mumford and Sons, and my friend and fellow blogger @LuciaMMXII was just in Chicago at Lollapalloza and had a front row spot to these guys set. Jealous? Me? No.....
3. Fitzpleasure- Alt J Now this song, scratch that, this band is one of my all time favourites, and ever since my friend showed me them about a year ago I have been hooked. This song is one of my favourites due to its bass line, and when I saw them live this song was incredible booming from the speakers, I would also check out there videos Breezeblocks and Tessalate as they are just such cool videos in themselves.
4. Cups- Anna Kendrick Now this is a really weird song up here, and i am not quite sure what it is about this song that has me listening to it so much, but nevertheless this song has featured heavily this week so far, and I just dont know why.
5. Koala- Vinyl Jacket Finally to round of this week, I have a song by a band from my school, and the brothers of a friend of mine. They have played at Glastonbury BBC1 Introducing Stage along with Burberry and Blackberry Acoustic. (I am even in the crowd at the video, at 3:34, with the gloves on...not very noticable I admit).

Hope you liked my new weekly posts, and I shall have a new 'What I am listening to this Week' next week H x


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Haul, Haul, Haul!!

Hello again, today I bring you news of a cheeky little shopping spree I had a few weeks earlier. Now it is not big news that I can spend a ridiculous amount of money super quickly, however, what frightened me about this shopping trip is that I also procured some items of make up *queue huge gasps everywhere*. Now for those who know me, this is a little weird, and for those who dont let me fill you in. I am lazy. Make Up as a rule scares me. How do you even use eye lash curlers?
Do you see where I am going with this, in one sweet sentence; I am scared of make up. So it surprised me as much as anyone else that I went on a little spree, and do you wanna hear what a got? five tops, two pairs of shoes, jeans, a dress
a beanie and some makeup was a lot....

So as you can see, I may have gone a little OTT, but with no one there to reign me in, what was I supposed to do, so down to the stats and facts (god, how I hate Statistics, only 9 days till my exam results, stupid Stats exam...).

So, the tye dye dress you see, is something I have been covetting for a while, I was going to buy it in the petite, but left it too late, and bought this gem in the sale for £14, at Asos (Asos Tye Dye Dress).
Also in the main picture is the pool blue sweater, Asos (£9.00), a navy blue slouchy t-shirt, H&M (£7.99), a grey fringed top that from H&M that cost me £3 (the top is no longer up on the website). Some jeans from Primark on sale for £7, a really cute polka dot collared top from Primark also (£10) which I am pretty sure my friend has, oooopsy....
All these items were each £6 or under!! SALES!!!

 The beanie hat come in four colours and I got in the sale from Asos for £4. The lacy black crop top has a somewhat vintage feel I like, and cost me £3. The vintagey looking black lace top my little sister picked out for me and cost £3 in the sale at Primark, grey top mentioned above. The lace baseball boots were also in the sale and cost me £6 (but I halfed with my little sister, yes we are the same size and she is only 11) from New Look. 

Now, I have been on the hunt for a pair of new winter booties for a few weeks now, and I previously fell in love with a pair from Aldo (none of my sizes left), a pair from Mango (too expensive) so these boots from New Look at £27.99 and they are sooo comfy, although they make a rattling sound due to the buckles, so you can sure hear me coming, damn my spy career.....

The last items on my list, I took advantage on the 3 for 2 on maybelline at Boots and purchased some blakc nail varnish, £2.99  (hello Punk trend), some rose gold creme eyeshadow  (£4.99) and a Eyeliner Pencil (£5.99). The mascara is a lash care mascara from Boots own brand Natural Collection. Phew! Either I am going to have to shop less, or learn how to edit videos for my next haul post!! H x

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