Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I climbed a f***ing mountain!!

Sorry for my long absence from the universe that is the internet, it turns out when you miss three weeks off school you have a hell of a lot of catching up to do, and I have been running around ever since trying to appease all my teachers (ok, I did do alot of gossip catch up with my friends aswell).

Today I write to you my lovelies to tell you about my trip to *drum roll* Morocco!! Thats right, I went to Africa, and not just for a relaxing holiday in Marrakech either, I climbed the High Atlas Mountains!! Now if you have been an avid reader of all my other posts you may be a little confused, I have made no secret of my (somewhat lacking) love for excercise. But this was an eye opener into where walking can actually get you, and in my case that is to the top of a very high montain!!
The main mosque in Marakkech, which if you get lost is a great place to meet up, not that I got lost or anything, just incase you do though......

Now I went with school and a company called Schools Worldwide, if you havent heard of them, follow this link, they do some amazing trips for people up to 18. If you are keen on volunteering and trekking then feel free to follow this link to their website http://www.schoolsworldwide.co.uk/home.html

From altitude sickness, to toilets that were holes in the ground,  to getting proposed one too many times in Marakkech to dancing with the traditional Berber population, I fully recommend that you, my dears, get yourself off to Africa, and in paticular, Morocco for an experience of a lifetime. H x
Trekking Gear isn't the most attractive, note to self, hats from Claires Accesorise are not very sturdy....

Stairs to my boudoir anyone?

Dinner on a roof terrace anyone? However, it was so hot that my bum stuck to the seat!


(Images courtesy of my friend and her brilliant photgraphy skills)

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